Will Endeavour OS ever move to BTRFS?

With many Linux distributions now moving to BTRFS for its file system, including openSUSE, will Endeavour OS be moving over to this in the near future?

The Fedora team have today announced that their next and future releases will use BTRFS by default.

Any thoughts on this?

My first thought is that I appreciate it being my choice as it is now. I’m not a huge fan of defaulting anything that important…


I also think that it should always be choice :slight_smile:
Besides, i still trust good old ext4 more for stability…


I’d definitely consider moving to this file system, but agree on it being personal choice, rather than default.

Something to ask during the installation process, perhaps?

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I thought that choice was already there? Haven’t installed it in a few weeks though… :grin:


It does. There is also an entire wiki page dedicated to it by @2000.


If it was offered, I’ve missed that option during my last installation.

Is this only offered when creating partitions?

It is offered both prior to installation via the gparted package or using the manual partitioning feature of calamares.


In manual partition it should be available… :grin:

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if you do backups alot with snapper and snap-pac , you have always backup of your system even dont need timeshift for that :slight_smile:

is cool if someone share there know how about these :slight_smile: but im not a backup freak also prefer full spead ahead :wink:

I don’t know anything about snapper or snap-pac. I’ve used Timeshift for every Arched based Linux install I’ve every used. Never had to use a backup yet, but I’m prepared.


my friend does use btrfs but not with timeshift :slight_smile:

bt snap-pac has in aur amso snap-pac-grub that update entries after snapshot snap-pac maden

but your system snap shot before a update…

but i dont know so much personal i dont believe in timed backup, :slight_smile:

I think EndeavourOS must stick with Arch policy on this subject. EOS use Calamares to offer a easiest way of install, not to change the default filesystem choice. It’s not a voice against BTRFS : i use BTRFS on my machine. The Calamares installer offer the possibility to use this filesystem. You must choice the manual partitionning, create a /boot/efi FAT32 partition (if your system is uefi), and after do what you want, so choice to create a / btrfs partition. Calamares will automatically create @root and @home subvolumes.


If you want to go with BtrFS, have an encrypted system and automatic snapshots, you can follow this tutorial. It’s easy. I have just made a fresh install with it and i am very satisfied about the results :


I just wanted to second the wiki page by @2000. Hi! I’m a brand new EndeavourOS user who installed using the wiki page. I went through the verbose page mostly for the explanation because I wanted to know what I’m doing and I have to say, holy…btrfs and timeshift are the real deal. Thank you 2000 for your amazing resource on the install!

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Snapshots are not backups though.
Better have both :wink:

What I would love to see: advanced btrfs setup in the installer, i.e. allowing the user to choose which subvolumes they want to create, compression yes/no, etc.
I’m aware that this would require a lot of work…


Unless I am mistaken, that lot of work would have to be done by the Calamares devs. Right now I believe that their main focus is to get Calamares off python and utilize C C++ instead. Perhaps after that is accomplished they could look at this as a feature request?

Feel free to correct me if any of the above is incorrect. The core EndeavourOS devs know a lot more about Calamares than me.



In my opinion, I would say also that EndeavourOS will not go in the direction to be a specialized Distro with a deeply configured system in one direction only.
If it will be possible to include this as an option inside calamares we will include this, but as @Pudge says already it needs first be implemented upstream by calamares.

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when buttery farts first was offered in another arch based system i was using i tried it and it ate my hdd and i never recovered the info

i have reformatted hdds with ext4 that are still running years after buttery farts said the disk was no good and sectors were failing

i will never use buttery farts for a disk formatting system


@LizziAS have heard similar things from my friends, but I have never tried it myself. I think I will not provoke this perception.

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