Will Endeavor OS always support offline install with calamares installer

Hi I was wondering if the distro plans to keep offline install as an option I come from a Manjaro background and so offline installation is a big importance to me.


Yes. I also love offline installer.

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Do you have plans for a remastering tool kit?

Do you mean remastering the iso?

Yes I was referring to a remastering tool chain kinda like manjaro-tools.

I don’t think so. We use archiso from archlinux, and all our specific files are stored at github


Thank you! :slight_smile: I think I can add the development repos from git lab and Sourceforge and get archiso and archuseriso!

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It has always been a trade off between a local or network install. Network will always give you latest and greatest packages but it can take quite a while to install them on a slow connection. Offline can give a user the chance to get a system up and running without the need for a network connection and depending on system very fast.

ArchBang simply copies over image file of iso to new install then makes some changes to make it work on new system.


I made an ISO image of our distribution. When I install it off online it works. But online this bugVirtualBox_endea_27_07_2019_17_37_21 VirtualBox_endea_27_07_2019_18_09_28

Is this in v-box?

I did this,thank you


the iso is made from the github

Is it a different ISO then? I see… my appologies. Do they have an online installer ISO in the works?

yes, https://github.com/endeavouros-team

Okay…i will try it too. Is it the Archiso net install?

I went through here https://github.com/endeavouros-team/archiso-offlineinstaller

Thanks, I think i will just wait longer as i have Arch on this machine and don’t want to mess with it until the online installer is working. Then i will wipe it out and install again. But if it gets to that stage I’ll try it.

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Is it currently still just Xfce for the online installer?

yes :clin d’œil: