Will Endeavor OS always support offline install with calamares installer

Looking for more …

We’re still testing the online module, and probably won’t be released in the next iso.
Indeed there is problem with some configurations (because we simply didn’t do that yet :slight_smile: )

The online installer will be “more arch way” so you need to enable and start internet modules, like sudo systemctl start dhcpcd and sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd. At least untill we release online installer for real.

Regarding lightdm i suggest just installing sddm instead sudo pacman sddm sddm-kcm for testing and enabling like sudo systemctl enable -f sddm then reboot.

Online installer also has no endeavouros repos.

I’ll start working in this stuff monday probably.


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Same here, I’ve got to admit I’m kind of lazy about initial installations more often than not. Installing Arch the purist way is great if one has the time and patience, but I’m looking for an easier onboarding. I recently tried (on another machine) deploying Anarchy Linux since I like the many options it gives during installation while still expecting users to know about the choices they’re making. Unfortunately, I kept running into problems and got troubleshooting fatigue. Now looking at EndeavorOS with great interest, but being patient for a solid release of the online installer before I give it a shot.


I was an Antergos user and i will be here for the long haul. I have Arch installed the Arch way on 3 computers and one is an Antergos conversion. I have tried probably every Arch distro out there. Installing Arch is technically somewhat difficult and time consuming. Once you understand the process, what is required as far as packages and configuration it gets easier. The trick is to concentrate on one install, one desktop and one type of install such as i have done with Bios MBR system. I have installed most of the different desktops but i prefer Cinnamon. Installing on a UEFI system the Arch way gets to be much more technical especially if you are installing dual boot Windows 10 machine on UEFI. That one i have left alone for now as it is my Antergos conversion. I have installed Endeavour more times than i should but trying different things. My Arch installs are flawless and i have no issues but i stick to Cinnamon because i like it and i know it. I will be installing Endeavour and i hope to keep it for a long time. I too have suffered with the distro hopper syndrome but for me it’s more about learning, finding out what i like and don’t like with different distros and different types of Linux. Arch is my favourite and Antergos was my go to even over Manjaro. Now it will be Endeavour. I miss the online installer as i could install and set up in 15 minutes whatever desktop they had on it.


hello,gnome that’s ok, except that I wanted to have the deposit aur which is to the absent subscribers

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for lightdm, you just have to go tty2 for the active

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Did not even get that far guess you need to be running Endeavor to build it…

if i knew it, i would not use a windows10 to do an iso :rofl:

Tested installer under Virtualbox and it failed to partition drive.

Version endeavouros-2019.07.15-x86_64.iso

Back to Windows :grinning:

Did you use gparted first?

In due time, don’t worry :slight_smile:

hello I wanted to test the archiso-netinstall, but it is on gitlab

no it’s on github. Despite the tittle “offline” it actually contains the online stuff

git clone https://gitlab.com/endeavouros-iso/archiso-netinstall.git

git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-team/archiso-offlineinstaller.git

We’re no longer using gitlab, we’ll probably purge all repos there since we migrated everything to github.

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curious many people are doing contrary

yeah, many migrated since microsoft bought github.
Considering the way we handle the repo now github is our best choice. But who knows in the future…

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Last time I installed Arch the hard way was on a UEFI laptop with only wifi for network. I got it sort of working, in that I couldn’t find driver support for the touchpad (plugging in a mouse worked fine though), but when I tried to do without the need for a pointing device at all (no DE or even WM), I had trouble getting my network settings to stick properly. :confused:

This laptop is a lightweight one I use mostly just for SSH into other systems, like my Linux Academy and Linode cloud servers, for instance. I was running Arch Labs on it happily until a system update severely borked the boot process. I suspected the latest kernel release was the likely suspect, and rather than try to resuscitate the system I decided to install over it - and sadly still haven’t found the time to suss out an ideal install candidate. If Endeavor impresses me when I try it, I may just deploy it on both my main (where I’m typing this now) and that little laptop as well.

Endeavour has already impressed me. I have tried almost every other Arch based distro and then some including Manjaro and Arch and all the Ubuntu and Debian based distro’s and Fedora and Suse and Solus and many many more. I like a lot of them but, in the end it’s the community. I really liked the vibe of Antergos and Endeavour is taking that to another level. This is where it’s at! :sailboat:


No I will test again and let you know how I get on…

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