Wifi not working after system update

Hi, after my system updated I find my wifi adapter is no longer working.
I’m using alfa usb wifi adapter, the driver is rtl8812au.
I have not had this problem before.
Any help would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s likely due to the update to kernel 5.18; there are several threads about this. Until the driver gains support for 5.18 switch to the LTS kernel.


Thank you problem solved. :grinning:

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Glad you got your issue resolved!

Please check the “solution” box under @jonathon's post which pointed you to the solution.


As a lesson, you could detail what the solution was.

hi zoli62, good point.

sudo pacman -S linux-lts

Then you can choose to run the long term stable kernel from the startup screen.
Hope that is a good explanation.

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