Wifi and Bluetooth not working

I have been using Manjaro with no problem but after installing EndeavourOS on my laptop, Wifi and Bluetooth stopped working.
I have DW1820a wifi card which uses Broadcom chip

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Is it DELL XPS 13 used with DELL USB-C dock, by chance?

I asked, because:

Note: The Broadcom brcmfmac kernel module causes issues with Dell USB-C docks. Notably, the USB ports and ethernet connection will stop working when there are WiFi connection issues.

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For wifi, try uninstalling r8168:

sudo pacman -R r8168

For bluetooth, you have to install it. See:


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sudo pacman -S --needed bluez bluez-utils
sudo systemctl start bluetooth --> bt is on till next reboot
sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth —> bt will be on per default on every boot

xfce4 --> sudo pacman -S blueberry or sudo pacman -S blueman to have a config gui available

GNOME and KDE will have a bt-gui included


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Thank you for your reply,
No, I’m using my HP Omen laptop with no USB-C dock

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Thank you for your reply,
Bluetooth is now working
Just needed to enable it using systemctl

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Thank you for your reply,
still no wifi

give us boot journal to show what is going nurts:

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