Why window managers are rarely used for gaming

Hello again my friends I’m have a question about using window managers to play games without using any desktop environments and with the most up to date kernel i just want to try gaming on them and testing how to feel the maximum performance in endeavour os

Not sure if your question is the title itself or not. But I use i3wm to play games just fine.

I installed Qtile recently and tried to game but noticed there were some rendering issues. But I’m new to Qtile, so I’m not sure if that was a user issue or WM issue.

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People usually want a “normal” desktop experience or don’t know about window managers. That’s probably why it’s usually not suggested for gaming.

Overall you won’t get any significant speed gains.

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Different target groups. Most of the gamers just wan’t simple desktop environment and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Forgot the speed part of your post. Like @I0F said, I actually haven’t gotten a performance improvement per se, having used Cinnamon sometimes to game, and KDE in the past.

The only thing I can think of is where occasionally while using Cinnamon, the DE itself would crash after hours of gaming, and the game would start stuttering. But that is very likely just my computer being overworked.

i3wm hasn’t crashed, but the game still eventually starts stuttering. The game in question is “Days Gone” by the way - a AAA game - so it is to be expected.

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Will that’s the reason i im testing them for my gaming test and i only tried sway and i3

You can test away, but the only way you should see an improvement (other than upgrading your hardware) is if the WM is written in plain text, markdown, or maybe HTML, or Rust?. Not actually sure about this, but it should be correct? :person_shrugging:

Maybe try Spectrwm or LeftWM. Probably as lightweight as it gets.


Whenever I get stuttering, logging out and logging back in is usually enough, but I usually don’t restart gaming because I usually would have my fill anyway.

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Thanks your right that wms are not really suitable for Gaming without desktop environments accompanying them will i guess im going back to LXQT And XFCE

Whether you use a fully blo  featured DE or a minimalist WM, it makes no significant difference for gaming. You’ll get about the same performance either way.

Use whatever you like better and don’t worry about it.

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You know i was thinking has anyone tried gaming on Worm wm because it might be the most interesting topic to talk about

I see no reason why it would be a problem.

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Agreed for the most part. It does probably make a difference with some DEs though.


Unless your computer is a complete potato, it shouldn’t make a big difference (and in that case, you won’t be playing any resource demanding games, anyway).

Regardless of that, the user nobody should be using ɢɴᴏᴍᴇ anyway. :rofl:

Yeah that’s way i switched from gnome to kde and finally to xfce & lxqt
My laptop isn’t really that it only for gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage if you want to know its the HP Stream 11

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Well, then I have a perfect game you can play (it works in the TTY, too, albeit with reduced graphics):


Thanks I will try it later after i reinstall eos on my laptop again

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As a guy who runs 7 wms from a single user space on EOS ( and zero DEs)… I’d say who needs games when you can endlessly tweak your window managers.

there is a use case scenario for WM “gaming”, which is playing old games 4:3 pillarboxed, relatively full-screen.

In one of my journey (scouring the internet, because of course somebody can’t answer my gaming question in any linux forum) I found this guy, using of all things: EndeavourOS with i3 tiled to “full screen” to play Diablo 1. It feels like I found a Fresh Cocka Kola in the middle of gobi dessert after months consuming what the American calls “Da-Sunny”. (which I hear, replaces water where they live!).

Recently though in GNOME (the best thing that ever happen to Linux community, protector of the system, avant garde of change , soap supplier for KDE “users”, and King of the 100 Distrorealms), I can use fullscreen but only on Xorg session.

Of course this problem only arise if you play old GOG games which relies only to wine. Steam old games runs 4:3 games perfectly out of the box (my recent experience playing KOTOR1).

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Wow i didn’t know diablo can even run on a window manager so that’s really good and but i wanted to know if someone tried playing a game on worm wm

A couple years ago I used i3wm for gaming, it worked fine except I had to create a few rules for Steam to handle the Windows better. I have switched back to a normal desktop environment since then though, since for home use I find a normal desktop environment better for my use case.

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