Why window managers are rarely used for gaming

Since your here do you know someone that played games on Worm wm because I really haven’t found a single person on YouTube who used it

Nope, I’ve only come across people that game on the more popular window managers. If you are wanting to try that you can just try it to see how the experience is since you can’t find anyone that has?

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Right i will try it after im comfortable using window managers again & making sure my os doesn’t break

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Worm is not a very popular window manager… I doubt you will find very many worm users anywhere. That’s not reason for you or anyone to avoid it; I use wms that are not very popular like spectrwm and sowm. It’s just the way things are.

I am playing games on Hyprland, no issues

Will its sure really nice to have great friends who cares about our wm choices

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