Why there is no Discord server?

Hey, as the title said. Why there is no Discord server for EndeavourOS? Every distro out there has one
PS: I’m not sure if I’m posting on the right category let me know if not

You can check out telegram!

yes we try to not clutter the community all over the place, and telegram is there a bit caused by historic reason, and we use it as the default chat.

So we want only one, one day it could be that we replace telegram, but it is working very nice for us currently.



I think Discord is much better than Telegram, but that is just my personal taste.

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Matrix looks interesting.

Maybe I"m just getting old, but I can’t keep up with either telegram or discord. It’s like 1000 messages an hour and it’s all just mixed together conversations. I’m lost when I try to use it.


If you like things being sent in plain text, your data guaranteed to be sold for profit, and shady employees that can directly access your information and ban you on a whim sure :upside_down_face:

Discord is nice one way you have some #channels in a channel… but if i may choose Matrix :stuck_out_tongue: But you can try support it all… but if we don’t have a bit of control a community also can burned down to ashes that way… We try to support as we can… need to focus or channels.

This was always the main concern about Discord in our community. Our Twitter account was originally just a placeholder, so nobody could take the name. It developed in its own community.

In the past, we were against people creating their own groups, but if you want to start a Discord group in our name, we can’t stop you.

But we will not offer any official support for it, this forum has all the tools to receive and give proper support and it even is created for all devices. There’s an official Discourse app in the Google play store and the app store for easy access and if you enter the address of this forum in it, it will inform you when someone replied on your post.

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