Why the long hiatus

Hello folks,
I am greeting all of you, old acquaintances and new members. I decided to make a thread, explaining my absence on the forums.
I know that I am not obliged to give any explanations, or motives. I do this out of respect of this project and its developers, and for myself.

After having a very busy schedule, work and life as it is, I was no longer able to log in, follow threads, respond or involve in translations. I was overwhelmed and undelivered on almost all plans. Not a good place to be.

So, naturally I applied the law of minimal effort and maximum recovery. I avoided touching computers after work and spent as much time possible doing whatever, but computer tasks or staring at screens. I think it is a natural conservative mechanism, I simply wanted to recover.

Summer passed and I traveled, spent time with wife, friends and family. Tried to get as much sleep I could, eat good food and enjoy nature and quality time. While I was on hiatus I barely took notice of emails or notifications. But I knew that someday I will get back on the forums, it was not the time, simply as that.

So, vacation ended, my long hiatus was enough to recover. Well, a fresh start was needed, so I installed EOS on my machine, just to get back on the feeling of enjoying the distro and its installer. Installed with BTRfs file system and TimeShift (Thanks @joekamprad ).

I translated the latest article on the grub issue and wanted to say Hello again. @Bryanpwo I am back on translation team, hope I didn’t disappoint anyone.


So…you tell us that life exist outside of that forum?!


P.S. Welcome back :partying_face:

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What, is there actually this other world out there? I read something about it a long time ago, thought it was a conspiracy theory …

Welcome back @Anticupidon!

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Welcome back !! Nice to see you again, … and never excuses yourself to have a life !


There is a life outside the forums. One needs to spend time in nature, there are few things better that that.


Well, turns out the conspiracy is true after all!

I agree. Sometimes I take my laptop with me to the park and forum from there with hotspot.

Welcome back.


Welcome back :enos_flag: I must try this nature thing some time :deciduous_tree:

Glad to see you back @Anticupidon .

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EOS forum mods -


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