Why is FireFox the main browser?

This might be dumb but why is it? Why don’t we use something better like Vivaldi, Brave, or libreWolf?

You are WRONG!!!1!

No, but seriously, what is better is very subjective. What you think is better is completely different from what someone else thinks is better.

I think the reason Vivaldi is excluded from being the default browser because it is proprietary and does not use a free software licence. People who care about such things would really object to it being the default (I would be the first to grab my pitchfork and torch).

When it comes to Brave, the situation is a bit less clear, but it has a lot of controversy behind it (with ads being replaced, its own crypto currency, stuff like that)… And it’s based on Chromium, which is by Goolag…

And LibreWolf is very niche, it’s not even in the repos.

As a LibreWolf user, I think Firefox is a good default. It’s very bland and neutral, and it’s an excellent browser.


I would argue that Firefox is better. Compared to brave about 100x better. That being said, brave and librewolf aren’t in the repos so they can’t be included.

Personally, I would rather have a privacy respecting core like Firefox compared to Google’s chromium.


As you said it’s subjective so how can you tell me I’m wrong?

Anyway, Vivaldi is kind of half in a half browser which they explain here. And brave is under Mozilla Public License 2.0 license which is here.

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Firefox is best of mainstream browsers :slightly_smiling_face:

LibreWolf is best fork of Firefox :upside_down_face:


Err…I think you got that link wrong.

Yes, thank you. Fixed.

Either way, the reality is the default software set will never please everyone.

However, it shouldn’t influence what you choose to run on your system. Feel free to remove what you don’t like and install what you do.


About Firefox privacy which is kind of sketchy. Have look and their policies don’t convince one to be at ease.

Was just asking, and yeah it’s Linux.

As well as their open advocation for internet censorship…
And still it’s best of mainstream browsers as well as Free and Open-source, others are just a joke in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, i’d love it would be replaced by LibreWolf with much more sane defaults, but…:upside_down_face:


Yes, a lot of negative things can be said about Mozilla. But there is no viable alternative to it.

LibreWolf is, at present, too niche to be the default. It also has too many broken features. It would just confuse people. Its userbase is what, 10 people in total (and that’s counting @keybreak and myself)? :rofl:

I would love to see it gain popularity.


I wasn’t referring to the browsers privacy policies. I was referring to the browsers ability to protect my privacy. For me, Firefox’s support of containers and separation from Chromium is worth more than the fact that I have to change the defaults to be more privacy respecting.

Also, consider that as distro, there are some risks in choosing a default that trails with security updates. While forks often improve on the original, they are nearly always delayed from an update perspective as it takes time to update their customizations/configurations.


Because they aren’t better! :shushing_face:

Well, the mentioned 2 browser does take out what Google put into Chromium even though they use the rendering engine.

When it comes to security there might be a slight delay as you said because they have to pull it from upstream. But haven’t seen much delay though.

I’m marking this as solved it’s kind of pointless going back and forth.

There’s nothing better or worse. As one @Kresimir said it’s all subjective.

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There are things that are clearly better and worse. Like Etcher being the objectively the worst ISO image writing utility :rofl:

But with web browser preferences, it’s all very subjective.

Luckily, it’s really easy to uninstall the browser you don’t like and install one you like, and what others think about your (dis)taste, that should not dissuade you from using whatever software you like.

Except Etcher. It should be illegal to make small utility programs with Electron.

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I really like etcher. Now my feelings are hurt! :cry:

Browser wars. Yawn. Use what you want.


Again it’s subjective according to your own words you said Etcher is bad, I said it was not so bad because it does what it meant to do. So there is nothing better or worse.

There’s no war but a discussion.