Who writes Linux and open source software?


I write opensource software …

Quite frankly I don’t understand the question.

Do you expect me to read an article?


I write free and open-source software:



If you must be pedantic - the software I write is AGPLv3 or later

It is a link to an article named “Who writes Linux and open source software?” and then a request for discussion around the article.

Using the name of the article as the title for the topic is a pretty common convention on this forum.

If you aren’t interested in reading the article, there isn’t much to discuss. :slight_smile:


This could be transferred into the “Question of the Day/Week/Month” thread but I’d leave it to the OP. :smiley:

I use QB64 Phoenix Edition (front end to g++) to write Linux software. Before that I used the older version of QB64 to write WIndows software. But it’s just a hobby. I like 1980’s jaggies graphics and video games and write programs for that end. Also I like exploring with experimental sound creation but dislike binary formats like WAV and even less do I want to deal with FLAC or MP3.

I was going to do a PPA which was a simple music sequencer that would have been clunky for other people to use. It was going to be run by text files and required only single-channel WAV files. As I’ve said, I’m a hobbyist programmer.

At least scan the article for context because there is a portion that some may consider a red flag.

One more senseless article, the writer of which just syncs with his own message:


Plain clickbait.

Congratulations to the OP! You accomplished the article author’s purpose, wasting more forum users time.


It’s so generic i’d be damned if it wasn’t written by AI :rofl:


God!? :rofl:

I was concerned about open source being written by the likes of Microsoft.

I skimmed over it - it was a waste of time …

Why? - if it is open source - it’s open source - you can go over the code and change it as you see fit.

I admin - a large project like dotnet - which is MIT - it becomes quite overwhelming.

I took my baby steps with the predecessor QB4 and the DOS4 version qbasic.

ooo, you may not like this article.

Microsoft makes lots of contributions to Linux.

If it weren’t for M$ then the authors of Wine would have still been at v1 trying to entirely <–swodniw reenigne<-- … in before keybreak or someone else like that corrects me…

That would be pretty Closed Source :innocent: