Which privacy browser?

If it didn’t matter, Gorhill wouldn’t have had to make such an effort, would he? See the number of supported filters in ublockO.


I wish they implemented that in Sweden too. There is a gazilion ways to buy food without risking killing off people because… stubborn.

As for socially ranked. We are, and have always been. No, I’m not saying that it’s a good thing, but, it is the way it is. It was a fact in the old Sovjet too, so I’m not leftist in that sense.

To quote Orwell: “All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others”.

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Soylent Green!

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That was meant sarcastically … but well, now I know how you tick … the brainwashing has worked very well worldwide …

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Talking about tick(s), I get an annual shot against TBE and lyme disease too. :laughing:

So, there’s no hope for this geezer!

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Did you ever catch some of it? - I did, and I am still ticking (alive and kickin’) f… yes!

There ain’t no shot that will protect against politics!



Yup, and it was not the best time I’ve had. Hence the annual shoot.

I’m not entirely sure if that’s applicable to privacy browsers? :upside_down_face:

I think you are mixing issues. Isn’t that part of declarativeNetRequest?

Firefox is implementing Mv3 with support for the features that are being dropped by Google. So even if Firefox drops Mv2, it should still have those features.

Maybe … Then I guess I misunderstood the whole time Gorhill was upset that with Mv3 ublock is very much cut in performance, because then much less filters can be applied. Well, let’s wait and see …

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The issue is Google is taking away two big features with the implementation of Mv3. That is what Gorhill was talking about.

However, Mozilla is implementing Mv3 without removing those features so it is a different situation there.

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Well then, let’s believe it Googlezilla … :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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The only browsers i like or use are Firefox #1 and Chromium #2. I don’t care for any other browser out there. I usually have both of these installed on my system. I will use Chromium at times because i like the built in feature to go to websites that are not English language and you can switch it to English on the fly. These are my only go to.

Same here. Firefox for general browsing, Chromium if Firefox fails. Only Plasma Integration is installed to Firefox, FF by itself blocks a lot of ads by only enabling strict protection. Even on iOS Firefox blocks most ads even if it uses a totally different engine!

I also run ublock origin with just default installed settings as i don’t want to spend all my time learning about every single little thing out there. I usually try to stick with certain software and make minor tweaks that are easily understood and work and don’t destroy your setup. I’m not one of those people interested in customizing the crap out of every little thing. :grin:

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