Which privacy browser?

I am somehow late to the party.
I read almost all threads responses and there is something I wanted to say.
Watched a Rob Braxman video a while ago and he stated that the best fingerprinting avoidance technique was to mimic a “normie” browser.
And to poison the leaking data, or cookies by some extension like AdNauseam.

Remeber, data without linkage to an identity is pretty much useless.

That is quite a commitment. :scream:


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Almost all…and gave me a headache.



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Sounds weird, but let’s see some details.
A person has a digital identity / fingerprint, and while being online on social media, various platforms or simply browsing the internet, data is produced and recorded. The most valuable thing BigTech is after is the digital identity+data.
Example I can see **your** picture. the picture as a abstract data has less value if it is not a picture of someone known.

What Browser to Use? About Browser Isolation - YouTube text**

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Oh, you mean that one…I’ve misunderstood your statement :upside_down_face:

Yeah i remember that video.

There is no such thing. Just use Firefox. :smile_cat:


Sure… but that’s separate from the fingerprinting I specifically mentioned.

As in life there is no such thing as a perfect secure privacy browser. There are many browsers. None are perfect and some are better than others for various reasons which are not because of any opinion i need to give. I use Firefox 100% and I’m satisfied with that. :yawning_face: