Which Linux security related sites do you follow on a regular basis?

If you search “linux security sites” on Google the list is quite big. Even youtube has lots of videos. So the question is which site to trust. Which Linux security related sites do you follow on a regular basis ?

Let me make this a bit more difficult. Most of the sites that I find are meant for Linux servers not desktop so in your opinion which site is useful for a Linux desktop user ?

I might read the odd article about Linux security but I’m also very conscious about the source of that information. I believe Linux is more secure than Windows in a number of ways and i don’t concern myself with this much. The Linux open source community is very good at letting you know if there are these kind of issues. I leave it at that.




If you are concerned with security, a good place to start is to not use Goolag to search. Use duckduckgo or searx or any other privacy respecting search engine.

I watch Mental Outlaw’s videos, he covers a lot of security topics. But that’s not why I follow him. It’s mostly because he is really entertaining.



If I want strict privacy while searching I use startpage

If want to search something random for example cast of a movie I use Google.

I am eagerly waiting for the day when privacy respecting search engines like startpage & duckduckgo will become as accurate & feature rich as Google.

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I thought startpage was bought out by an advertising company? Maybe @dalto or someone else could tell us. I use Duck Duck Go, but how secure is ANY search engine really. :thinking:




They were bought by system1. Whether that is a problem or not from a privacy perspective is hotly debated.


Whoogle can be a good replacement of google.


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I follow the Tor, TAILS and BlackArch Facebook pages for updates to security related news.


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It’s not really news resource or anything like that, but:

Learning that system, infinitely surfing through wiki / forums - you’ll learn A LOT about anything security / privacy related.

If anything, that’s too much sometimes :rofl:

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I think from a security point of view, the user is still the weakest link. For example, I never visit unknown sites.


zoli62: “I think from a security point of view, the user is still the weakest link. For example, I never visit unknown sites.”

This. Security issues in Linux are handled in a timely manner (as long as you update regularly), and defaults are ok even if you don’t harden your system config. User behaviour (files downloaded via browser/email/torrent, inability to recognize scam sites, magecart/magento) is the weak link.

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For watching Yt video’s anonymous.

I use Invidition extention with FF. extention link

not linux specific, in general cybersec;

“Invidition is now deprecated and is no longer maintained.
Please, use Privacy Redirect by Simon Brazell instead.”

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Pebcak! :laughing:

Tbh I think Arch and Debian have most things covered, at least from an individual users point. For big Enterprise and server stuff well, that is more than I profess to know. Arch and Debian are not stupid, far less than some of the online sites who set themselves up as so-called experts.

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I am not trying to argue here. I am just sharing my experience. You suggest to avoid unknown sites but since I started using Linux in 2007 I my browsing habits have been completely unrestricted. I have used torrent, porn sites. Nothing bad happened. Not a single virus or malware infection. So the question arises why I am looking for security news websites then. Well I have seen security websites claiming that kernel version xyz has a flaw so please upgrade to version abcd asap.

I am not suggesting to other Linux users to become completely fearless & start doing what I do but personally I haven’t find a single virus which is capable of infecting Linux.

One phrase: Backup. If you do this then you will not be hurt. Sensitive information, well that’s your choice regarding what you wish to share in the “cloud”. You reap what you sow.

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Thanks changed it :slight_smile: