Which FOSS or non-Google Android phone should I choose?

An important consideration when choosing is the better value for money compared to Google Android phones. This is because I have found that FOSS (not necessarily telephone) devices often cost the same or more than their non-FOSS counterparts. This is especially true for laptops and tablets.

This is just one option of surely many others:

/e/ will have support for Fairphone 4 as well soon-ish.

You can buy a google pixel and install Calyx OS on it.


Most people say calyx or graphene OS on pixel.

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this one i wait for …


Thank you for your answers. Of these, there are some that I have heard or read about, and there are some that have not.

I’ve been using calyx on a pixel 4xl for a couple months now with no issue. I’m very pleased.

I recently got a Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS. I’m pretty happy with that. Calyx looks pretty nice, too, but I like the base of Graphene a bit more. Especially that it doesn’t come with any pre-installed apps, besides the bare minimum. Also the web installer of GrapheneOS is pretty easy to use.

It’s a pity that Calyx and Graphene don’t support Fairphone.

Please correct me if I am mistaken, but I think with Fairphone you could re-lock the bootloader.

This combination would have been my first hand choice if I wanted an AOSP-based OS.

Otherwise, I would very much like to get my hands on a Pinephone Pro for a pure Linux phone.

I might wait for the second or third iteration of it. The first models will be chonkier than the existing PinePhone.

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GrapheneOS also does lock the bootloader.

I am a bit sceptical about any Linux phones. I have a PinePhone and it’s just lightyears away from being usable (at least for me). It’s nice for tinkering, but that’s it. I hope they keep it up, though. Having basically a small PC as a phone really sound like what smartphones actually should be in the first place.


:pray: no understand this…


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Agreed. Although, as I already have the PinePhone Community Edition, I’m not sure whether the Pro would be worth the extra. I’d need to start using it more to justify the extra cost.

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Interesting, why didn’t anyone mention OnePlus? Although in price range it is higher, but a pretty popular brand, at least I think.

That’s a OnePlus phone though e-foundation calls their de-googled phones Murena.


I started using /e/ yesterday because now the beta version for the Xiaomi Mi A2 that I “inherited” seems to be supporting communications outside of a wi-fi networking. And I settled in on the phone…

And now I hear of this calyx os for the first time and see that it’s supported on this phone… Damn! Maybe I have to try it.

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With Calyx you could get a locked bootloader after flashing the ROM.
With /e/ I am not sure you will get that on your model.
I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8 with /e/ and can’t re-lock the bootloader.
However it gives me root access to the phone via adb shell. Something you don’t get with Calyx as far as I know.

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