Which DE are you using?

I’ve tried to get rid of the bells and whistles. Right now, I don’t run any compositor. I do have a bar.

But whenever I need to stream my screen to friends/ class, I make sure picom is running with heavy blur effects, over-blown shadows and I crank up the gaps in i3. :wink:


Yes, Krohnkite is wonderful - it’s a good idea to make a list of all those keyboard shortcuts and stick them in a conky on the desktop for a while. With Activities/Desktops and ‘Maxmize to new virtual desktop’ kwin script it’s wonderful.

Make sure you find out how to enable the settings in there…

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kservices5/ ln -s ~/.local/share/kwin/scripts/krohnkite/metadata.desktop ~/.local/share/kservices5/krohnkite.desktop

Has anyone shilled for DWM on this thread yet?


I may have, either here or in some other thread. I really like dwm.

The two reasons I use KDE is the fact that I really like Konsole, the terminal emulator and Kate, the text editor. Now, I can use Konsole and Kate on dwm, as well, but to install them I need to install a hundred KDE dependencies anyway, so at that point, I may as well just use KDE.


I generally switch between Budgie (good-looking, simple) and MATE (tweakable, lightweight).
I’m currently on EndeavourOS+Budgie, but I was on EndeavourOS+MATE before the latest ISO.

For “Other” :

  • I love Openbox, for example as implemented in BunsenLabs.
  • Pantheon is probably the DE I prefer, but it’s better looking on its mother distro (elementary OS)
  • I love to test new DE’s. Cutefish looks cool (but is still unfinished).

dwm is real deal, it suck less! :upside_down_face:

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Cinnamon here :computer:

Xfce is always my fallback DE, but if I can get Cinnamon set up the way I like it then I stick with that.

Gnome 40, that’s my favorite
I Had used Windows, Mac & Linux

UI Design Rank

Gnome 40 (Linux) > Mac > Windows

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Loved this Poll

@Bryanpwo i would love to see many polls threads in this forum


After the last week with EOS Xfce, I’m back to EOS Plasma. :grin:

Last few weeks I am on KDE, but thinking about Bspwm :slight_smile:

On my Gaming Laptop only EOS Cinnamon.
And on my litle office notebook with openSUSE, Pantheon (the elementary os DE) and cinnamon.


plasma is nicer graphically as well as for more intuitive use. :+1:

counts bspwm and xmonad? :roll_eyes:

:joy: :joy:


We need new poll for WM xD


I use i3wm a lot.

But then my job needs me to share the screen for presentation. I have a thought that if I use i3wm, my co-worker will think I’m a hardcore. So I use Cinnamon, customize it to make it elegance. Then I notice it start weird with my dual monitor setup, so I change to KDE. It only a few months since I use KDE, so far I love it, there’s so many options.

Can’t get enough KDE? :+1:



Back to :enos: Xfce. At least I’m only DE hopping, rather than distrohopping :clown_face:


I find the main reason for DE hopping is something that irritates the )(*&^ out of you. This is why I keep ending up with XFCE - it may not do everything, but it doesn’t seem to do anything WRONG either :grin:

Of course, this is after CSD is cancelled out

Yes, libxfce4ui-nocsd is essential.