Which DE are you using?

Plasma is really great, but I’ve heard that there are people waiting for KDE4. :slight_smile:

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No, I wait for KDE 6.1 :crazy_face:

You don’t like Plasma either? :slight_smile:

No, on the contrary I like it a lot. I’d like to use it again too. But it’s just not stable enough for me (at least with the Distro with the green M). I haven’t tried a vanilla plasma yet.

Obviously, Plasma is not exactly the same as KDE.

sway, since the 1.0 version (March 2019). Previously: i3 and Openbox.

sway, together with Waybar and some stuff by me (autotiling, nwg-launchers, Azote) composes the environment comfortable enough for me to need no DE.


Yeah true. Those silly old fixed-release distros! People need to learn to roll.


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Do you also think that Plasma and KDE are different?

A Venn Diagram of their respective letters finds zero overlap, just two neighbourly circles.


Thank you more than you may ever know for autotiling. That’s by FAR the best thing to happen to i3, since the creation of i3. It’s utterly fantastic! Thanks!

LOL, there is something about it :slight_smile: The original concept comes from olemartinorg. I only re-written the script to work both on i3 and sway.

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Well, technically yes. Plasma is KDE’s desktop environment. KDE is the entire suite of applications that together make a usable computer (desktop, applications, etc). But I don’t know anyone who complains if you call KDE Plasma just KDE.


I’d be prepared to complain if you made me an offer too good to refuse.



What I wrote above meant that until KDE 3, the desktop environment was called KDE, but it did not continue as KDE 4. The next generation GUI has been called KDE Plasma 4. This is why some people are waiting for KDE4 when any Plasma version is released.

It’s Plasma for me. It’s rich with features, yet light on resources.

Another reason why I like Plasma is the fact it comes with the two of my favourite applications: Konsole and Kate. These are the two tools I use the most every day (after Firefox, of course). Dolphin is not bad, either, though I do most of my file managing tasks with Konsole.


Well, thank you again for something I’ve used countless times. Currently I’m on plasma with the kwin tiling script. The only thing that bothers me about it is that all new things pop open as the big left half of the screen instead of tiling new. So if I open 3 programs the first one I open ends up bottom right, 2nd is top right and newest is the big one on the left.

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Haven’t seen KDE for years. I believe it’s polished enough to leave me nothing to do. Also I don’t like QT. :slight_smile:

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NO! :sweat_smile:

I’m saying this as KDE user and perfectionist…It’s far from finish :slight_smile:

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I was running xfce+i3, but I’m not quite good enough to figure out a few nuances - like dual monitors and I could never figure out how to change the wallpaper on my lock screen - after hibernation. It worked great on start up, but after hibernate, I always had the stock blue whisker wallpaper.

The one that really drove me bananas though was that I like a dock, and latte plank poly, etc, no matter which one I tried, it wouldn’t hover over the Windows, it would move them all up or have this big ugly empty space.

Anyway I’m nit picking. Really all I truly wanted was i3 with a dock and the whisker menu.

That was way long winded. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, I’m just too busy in summer to keep trying.

I don’t really like something to occupy my screen estate all the time, so nwgbar only appears on the keyboard shortcut or button press.

If it comes to the whisker menu: I’m not sure if it’s good enough equivalent, but you could use sgtk-menu. However, I haven’t (yet?) coded a C++ counterpart, so you’d have to rely on the python version. Actually I prefer the application grid and use no old-schooled menu at the moment.