Which browser do you mainly use?

Despite Linux gaining in Popularity Firefox is losing in popularity, so I wonder what do you use?

  • Firefox
  • Chromium
  • Brave
  • Google Chrome
  • Edge
  • Librewolf
  • Tor
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I use chromium btw

It’s 100% faster than firefox in all the benchmarks i run and I use sync so it doesn’t matter for my workflow. Google search engine is also better than duckduckgo so there’s no point in using ungoogled chromium.

Brave sucks because of all the crypto stuff they do and ads

pic of brave showing ad of brave in the brave browser:


At the end it’s your choice to choose any browser but do use ublock origin:


You are missing Safari :rofl:

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Lots of big names missing on the list: Dillo, Luakit; Min, Eolie, Vivaldi, Opera just to name a few :wink:


Lots of big names missing…

  • Ungoogled Chromium
    :roll_eyes: My choise
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I use Vivaldi by the way.


Librewolf. No other viable alternatives.


I didn’t even know Safari would be released for Linux. :slight_smile:

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I use several of these, I always prefer exactly the browser that suits my current goals.

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If you think the point of Ungoogled Chromium is to offer a chrome fork with DDG as its search engine you’re off the mark by quite a bit. Why would anyone bother with that, when I’m sure Chrome allows switching this in its settings?

In addition, whether a search engine is better or worse seems highly subjective. Since you don’t seem to value privacy, and are using Chrome, I’d assume your results are at this point highly personal since Goolags entire business model revolves around tracking you. If you’re used to this, switching to DDG or another privacy-centric engine which does not store cookies or track your browser fingerprint and instead serve fairly non-personal results, will of course be quite a different experience. This surely does not make their services worse. They serve their purpose well, but their purpose doesn’t seem to be what you’re looking for.

On Firefox performing worse, I’d love to see some useful benchmarks. I don’t think it performs worse for me on sites which aren’t specifically tailored to Chrome (e.g. Goolag suite).


Everything is possible nowadays :wink: question was which browser people use, I assume there are many iphone users. Gladly I don’t use iPhone anymore. Still have an ipad though…

Bromite is my number 2.

What?! Lol! Perhaps that is not the only reason to use UGC.


hello, vivaldi is missing


I know vivaldi has its haters but I’m happy with it, my main browser


I mean Palemoon, Waterfox, Iridium, Netsurf, Otter, Qutebrowser, Epiphany, Links, eLinks and Lynx should definitely be put on the list. Otherwise the result will be fairly irrelevant :wink:

@archbtw please consider to amplify the list to get a more fair picture of browser choice of Linux users. For a more exhaustive list, see:


You are right but i don’t have the privileges to modify the poll now and it doesn’t let me do that. On the other hand i took only the most used browsers in the market to get a result of what the community uses. (ofc subjective) but browsers like palemoon and waterfox don’t compare to the user base of those like brave or even edge on linux.

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Yeah…those browsers have huge userbases…

How did you come to that conclusion? palemoon, vivaldi, ugoogled-chromium and opera all have significant userbases.



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sad no Qutebrowser. guess edge took it place :rofl:
:pray: i in strange mood


Why do we have this thread again? This might lead to a flame war of browsers.