Where to seek assistance with general protection fault?

Using ‘journalctl --since=today > log.txt’ I have a record of a complete system lockup, begining with “kernel: general protection fault, probably for non-canonical address 0xcb11f8947b25b400: 0000 [#1] PREEMPT SMP NOPTI”. The crash record continues for another 48 lines, ending with “kernel: note: kwin_x11:cs0[1034] exited with preempt_count 3”.

I am getting an increasing number of lockups, requiring hard re-boot. I’m hoping this is the right sub-forum for these kinds of issues. Please re-direct me to the appropriate sub-forum if necessary. Thanks

Why would this happen all of a sudden? What did you change? I can tell you this doesn’t happen on KDE for me.

You could run the journal command like this and post the link. I may not have an answer but maybe someone else can also look at it and help.

journalctl --since=today | eos-sendlog

“What did you change?” I know you aren’t kidding, and this is a rolling release. It might be easier to answer “what didn’t you change?” Anyhow, here is the link: https://clbin.com/XrBHV. The relevant lines of the error log are between Mar 31 13:27:44 and Mar 31 13:28:04.

I would not expect anyone in particular to have an issue like the one I’m posting. As I’ve noted elsewhere in this forum, I’m running a VERY problematic Laptop. A dozen different distros have all either failed to start initially or have slowly become unworkable. In several instances, it was system updates that preceded the crash.

I’m not pointing at anything particular at all other than about 50 lines from an error log, and I’m hoping someone might help discern if this goes back to buggy hardware (a ‘reconditioned’ ASUS TUF Gaming A15) or not. Thanks.

One thing that I find truly bizarre is that more often than not, the system locks up while the Brave browser is running. I’m used to this kind of thing with Chrome, but until EndeavourOS, Brave was never the problem.

My hunch is rather than Brave being the problem, it is some flaw in the PC hardware that is tripping things up. I’m hoping that the $ spent on this #@~ machine are not totally wasted.

I see the link sorry. I missed it.

Edit I see a lot of akonadi errors at the start?

Errors with cockpit web service. Lots of them.
( Not sure but cockpit access needs to be https?)

Errors with okular
Lots of error messages for kde

I see the general protection fault yes. My question is there a problem? Is the laptop crashing? Or are you just concerned with seeing all these error messages?

Kde has many error messages in the log on mine also but doesn’t affect it working. I have no issues.

I do notice your UEFI Bios is not up to date. You are on 315 i think it is 318 now? If i have the right laptop? You should update the UEFI Bios to the latest. I agree brave is the issue most likely with the lock ups.

Also about what did you change? I meant i have no idea what packages people install on their system. I am not talking about updates. Kde runs flawless for me. Some people install all kinds of stuff and end up with issues. I only know what is installed from the online install.

I use Firefox and i have no problem with it. If it were me i would start with updating the UEFI Bios. Maybe try Firefox instead of Brave. See from there. Don’t be concerned with all the error messaging in the journal. Be concerned with specific issues that happen using the computer and then use the logs to try to narrow it down to either specific hardware or is it a software issue causing it.

" Is the laptop crashing? " Yes. Locking up. Most of the time, the mouse is stuck. The GUI is non-responsive. Ctrl-Alt-Fx does not switch to a different session. Ctl-alt-del does not initiate a shutdown. Quite often a red LED on the caps-lock key starts to blink regularly. Rarely I find the mouse cursor is responsive, but of course nothing responds to clicks.

That journalctl log must also have records of a crash earlier in the day.

With other distributions, I have occasionally found that the freeze thaws, and I can conduct a graceful power down and hardware rest. With EndeavourOS, I have not seen this, although I haven’t given the system more than four or five hours to self-recover.

I’m left, far more than I’m comfortable, doing a hard reset, then crossing my fingers while the disk check on reboot lists all the file and sector (do solid state drives have sectors?) errors and repairs. I know that these events do not extend the life of the drive.

Thank you for pointing out that the BIOS is not current. I will remedy this.

As for what I’ve changed: I do have rather punishing requirements from my day-use computer. These range from an ongoing research into the functions and capabilities of various mind-mapping/knowledge-management packages, math engines, GIS applications. Then, in the evenings I expect my PC to exhibit alacrity with Audio/Video workstation capabilities. I have some ideas about hiving some of these demands off onto virtual machines… some day

Just a few thoughts:

Does this happen with a different DE as well? Please try with XFCE.
Have you checked your RAM with memtester?

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This means kernel panic. All you can do is a hard reset. (by holding down power button)

Configure magic sysrq key beforehand. When this happens, you can use SysRq+Alt+R E I S U B to gracefully shut down PC.

My guess is that you have some sort of hardware problem as all distros have problems. Watch out for temperatures, check your RAM with memtest, check your SSD with SMART with sudo smartctl -a /path/to/disk. Also send output of inxi -Faz so we can have more info about your hardware.

Personally i think it’s a software issue. Not the OS but installed software. But, i could be wrong. :laughing: