Where do you get your news

My uncle can’t stop laughing. The totem of the tribe is the green tree frog and he is gay. He’s made it his ringtone lol


Ugarapul is the tribe and Goupong is the word for frog.


I use X. I do not watch TV, listen to radio, or read newspapers. I take everything with a grain of salt. I’m just sitting back, watching, listening, as the story of life plays itself out.

The more local, the better for me these days.

International travel news, locally made programs are nice to discover places and people and how they live.

And what the amateur radio operators will talk about on HF.

( you can use Gnu libre JS extension to read it )

If the crazies are playing with nukes, I’d prefer to know it in advance …

To much international news, noise, will make me sick and feel bad :wink:




Not too much you can do about that if they do.
The news channels/paper here just annoy me too much to watch. They almost always contradict everything that the other says. I’m not silly enough though to not keep an ear out and check out the headlines on the paper when I walk past the newsagent.


All this Cocaine . | O-T Lounge


Reminds me of what a mate said once, if he knew the world was ending he’d go get a few bottles of alcohol and some other stuff then got to the lookout and just sit there and watch it happen.

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I just remembered that they have a Fallout series coming out soon. It looks like it could be good.

I get all my news on endeavourOS forums…

just like everyone else


it must be corrupted!

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I give you A.I. wallpaper for “purple mountain endeavour climb”

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I always said that if you want the truth, go to the horses mouth instead of the horses ass. In this case a donkey.

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Part of my 3 favorite animals I will never eat. :innocent:

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Agreed. Circling the sun for as many years as I have it is pretty clear everything started to go downhill when we birthed multiple 24 hour news channels.

The Intercept has always been great. Just checked out Ground.news. That is a cool idea flagging sources as biased one way or another on a topic. I will have to keep my eye on that. I do like 1440 email summary

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I learned of this type of study and arrangement “construct if you will” of a web page for news today. Thank you.
This particular one is good;

Thank you for the intercept also.

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Indeed, in theory, for now…

I’m pretty sure it will go exactly as well as “fact-check” websites though.
Super easy to manipulate in order to make it propaganda source itself.

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I can’t remember where I got this from, but it’s pretty good:


It’s HTTP only, so your browser may scold you…but you can’t input any information on this site anyway. The page is just a basic HTML scrape of Google News with some hyperlinked headlines–no pictures or anything. I like it because I can read through headlines without all the noise you would usually get on a “news” webpage.

If a headline is interesting, you can click on it and read through the article in basic HTML mode too, or there is a link to the “real” website if you want to see all the pictures and stuff:

Obviously you can just do a normal Whoogle search if you spot an interesting headline and ingest more information that way as well.

68k.news is not affected by paywalls, but if the article on the “real” website has one I recommend Ladder, it works great and is super easy to use. If you don’t have a home server to deploy it on, there is an AUR package you can install and just fire it up on your normal computer whenever you have something you want to read. I have tested the AUR package and it works fine.

68k.news is simple enough that it will hold up on a eReader if you have a Kobo or something with some basic browser functionality. I don’t have one, but I imagine the e-ink display will get you :pinching_hand: this much closer to an authentic newspaper experience. :wink:

That’s what it looks like when you’re reaching for information in France for example