Where are the flip switch & cover flow task switchers gone?

Reinstalled, cannot find them - have I missed a package?

Also - cube is missing from the effects settings - this is weird!

@keybreak - have you updated to 5.23?

Not yet, i’m away from my Plasma installation right now, will try it later

I am wondering if this has caused it, I am sure I set cover flow, but now it is gone!!

@Kresimir what about you, still have those?

Found this, so it is not just me.

Effects: Remove Desktop Cube Animation effect. Commit.
Effects: Remove Desktop Cube effect. Commit.
Effects: Remove Cover Switch effect. Commit.
Effects: Remove Flip Switch effect. Commit.

I have the following:

  1. Breeze
  2. Breeze Dark
  3. Breeze Twilight
  4. Compact
  5. Cover Switch
  6. Flip Switch
  7. Grid
  8. Informative
  9. Large Icons
  10. Small Icons
  11. Thumbnail Grid
  12. Thumbnails

I like the Grid one.

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Have you updated to 5.23? - also see my edit above - they are gone!!!

Give me a minute, I’ll update.

Yep, they removed them. They announced it a while back and it caused some uproar.

I am going to hold my breath until I go blue! :rofl: choke.

effects: Remove Cover Switch effect
With the ongoing scene redesign, it needs to be rewritten. However,
given that it is not used widely based on support information from
various bug reports and our available man power is sparse, the most
reasonable thing is to drop the effect, unfortunately.

Bollocks :frowning:

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…aaaaaand they’re gone.

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“Not used widely, based on support info” that’s because it just worked, no issues - ever!

Someone will reimplement it, eventually, I’m almost sure.


As I said, just reinstalled and it is one of the first changes I make, so was pretty sure I had set it, updated around 19:15, didn’t alt+tab for a while, then… gone.

Same here. Literally teh first thing I noticed after upgrading to 5.23 (which was actually on my Debian machine, not Arch) was that they were gone and hunted down the changelog to see the bad news.

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