When i try to share screen in zoom im get error, please help me fix this

Hello i’m newbie in arch based distro(Im use EndevourOS Gnome 40) , and when i try to share my screen in zoom im get error : изображение

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Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try, and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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This site addresses the exact error code you had.


someone should call Zoom to change AnterGOS to EndeavourOS :wink:

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You can just login with GNOME on Xorg, that solves it for me.

I have posted a draft feedback post and a link where to post it in this thread:

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After just briefly skimming the links to the other posts in the previous posts, I couldn’t find what I would consider the obvious solution to this problem:
To enable screensharing with Zoom on GNOME/ Wayland (can confirm that it works with Sway, although the tiling messes things up), edit the Zoom configuration file (i.e. .config/zoomus.conf), line 24 in a default config:


This is hardcoded to False unless you are on one of the OS in the error message. Setting it to True disables the error message and screensharing should work ‘fine’ as long as you are under Wayland.


This worked out for me. Thanks.