Unable to share screen in zoom

I’m using gnome desktop Environment 40.2.When i try to share my screen on zoom display this message.how to solve this?

my systems specifications are below

The short term solution is to log out and log back in using the “Gnome on X11” session. (Look for a little gear icon near the password prompt to change sessions.)

The long term solution is to file a bug report with the makers of zoom. It appears that EndeavourOS is not showing up on the Wayland supported list. It should, as it supports Wayland with Arch Linux.

There is no need to list EndeavourOS separately. If Arch is supported, so is EndeavourOS, because there is absolutely no difference between the two (except for branding, installation process, and this forum).

There should be no need, except that Zoom is apparently testing a bit of branding that results in the OS being reported differently in Arch and EndeavourOS. For example, in neofetch:

Arch Linux: OS: Arch Linux x86_64
EndeavourOS: OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64

Apparently, that small difference is causing the hiccups.

What does neofetch have to do with any of this?

neofetch simply prints whatever is in /etc/lsb-release under DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION.

Make an experiment for me, please, and edit your /etc/lsb-release to this (make a backup first, of course):


There, you have turned EndeavourOS into vanilla Arch, and nobody can tell the difference (well, unless they look really closely).

Does zoom screen share magically start working now? I somehow doubt it, but I would be happy to be wrong.

zoom only have a list of supported distributions so a bug report at zoom would be good to go, depending on where toom reads the distro info from /etc/lsb-release could work for sure, but any update of lsb-release will call eos hook that change it back :wink: (arch say we have to change that file)
also reinstalling lsb-release will set it back to EndeavourOS .

But it seem zoom reads /etc/os-release (also modified with hook for EndeavourOS)