WHen I close my laptop screen, the display does not turn off

Whenever I close my laptop screen, it doesn’t turn off the display. I can still see it is turned on.

I have ensured that in hte power settings the display is supposed to shutdown when I close the lid (I am using xfce by the way).

I have checked other settings such as standby etc and it does stanby the entire laptop so the OS is detecting I am closing the lid. Its just that turning off the display is not working.

I have a Dell laptop Inspiron.

Hello there!
This issue has been brought up on the forum before (here: Suspend on lid close issue)

If this doesn’t work let me know, I’ll try find another solution :slight_smile:

Hey man thanks for the link.

As mentioned suspend does work when I close the laptop screen (when I set the setting). Its only when I set the setting to turn off display, then the laptop’s display does not turn off at all when I close the screen.

I might have found a solution.

If you go into /etc/systemd/logind.conf you will see a load of options. The one you want is: #HandleLidSwitch=suspend. Simply uncomment it (by removing the “#”) and change it to whatever option you want (probably “ignore” instead of “suspend”)

Hey man, so I want to simply turn off the display, what would I exactly change suspend to on that line?

I would try changing it to “ignore”

I did that but how does ignore supposed to turn off my laptop’s monitor display?