Suspend on lid close issue

i have set lid close action as suspend for both batt and plugged… but when lid closed, the laptop is still running.

The solution is already here ( in the forum ) . Search for it please or wait until I find it for you !


wonderful, although it took me quite sometime to figure out what is the solution (although it is written there, but i went for “setting manager” instead of “setting editor”- my fault : didn’t know there is such thing called “setting editor” ; hence can’t find what the soln called for. it does suspend now when i close the lid.

however, it is not all that smooth. it asks me password twice with different screen. one is with fxce power management password screen, the other is xfce login screen. how can i get rid of one of the password screen ?

Poke around in the screensaver settings, looking for the password at restore or somesuch thing. Vaguely recall there was that issue last time I used XFCE.

should i poke around at screensaver or xfce power management ?

pls help me take a look at my partition and size… if it is not good enough, then by next clean single DE installation i will do the right partition and have the installation clean and well done

go sleep now. pls leave the cmd to check the partition and location of swap file and all those basic stuff for a good installation. will check back tomorrow. good night guys.

The command is there in the 6TB thread. Sleep well.

i have browsed thru T6 hdd thread again… didn’t find what i was looking for.

My recommendation : use Gnome disks and post a screenshot

i didn’t get you. what did you meant by "use gnome disk " ?

It’s gui tools which is more easy than Gparted .

ok i got what you meant now. you meant post my hdd partition scheme and size … to let ppl see if it is good , so that i can adjust if not right size (cater for future expansion), so that it won’t "out of space " in the future.

when i type in appl search in xfce menu, i can’t find “gnome disk” utility… i thought all DE were installed… they should all here… why i can’t find it when i want to use it ? :thinking:

You need to install it . I thought I once recommended this to you . But I was wrong . type sudo pacman -Syu gnome-disk-utility in terminal and hit enter .

are you posting on wrong thread ? this should hav being posted on my 6TB hdd thread… instead of Laptop lid suspend issue thread. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

anyway, i made screenshot of it using spectacle, because this keep pops out when i press “print” button. but spectable don’t have share on imgur function like the default xfce screenshot utility. and i have not download gnome disk utility yet. but if this will do, then i will skip gnome disk util

Every thread you created seems to mix with each other friend . I will Reply to all in Install Multiple DE thread . Please wait

hii Hystrix,
i have plasma now. how to suspend the system by close the lid of laptop ?

This is in Swedish, but it will get you in the right ballpark:

I think it’s called Power Management in English. The one to change is the one in navy blue, and not one of the teal ones.

thanks. it works.
it is called energy saving
although i don’t know what made it not working. i saw the lid closed > sleep option is selected. still it does not sleep. but after i messed with it, it just able to suspend when lid shut by itself, i hav changed nothing.