What's your favorite Pomodoro/break timer?

On Cinnamon and Plasma I really enjoyed the integrated timer applet/widgets. Fokus was especially cool in how it could (optionally) blank out the screen and integrated with the desktop, offering some built-in functionality similar to apps like Workrave. However, on Sway, I haven’t come across something with similar functionality.
While I could just go to a web app or something and run it through x number of privacy extensions, I wanted to see if anyone else found a decent environment-agnostic solution.

I use infinitely triggering self-discipline of a :clown_face: !



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The executive function at home:

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If you are using Waybar you could try this timer @I0F cooked up:

The script is written to play a sound file with mpv when the timer is done, but if you wanted a screen blanking action like you mentioned you could have it run systemctl suspend or something instead.

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This is amazing! I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the link :smiley:

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This and just set an alarm on your phone to go off at intervals when you should be having a break if your like me and get too stuck into things and let time fly by you

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I just use KDE’s Timer app. I doubt it works on other DEs/WMs.