What's EndeavourOS default font?

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Using the Gnome 40 and tinkered around a bit with some of the fonts. I was wondering if anyone could tell me EndeavourOS default font and sizes from their Gnome Tweaks Tool for anyone also running Gnome? My settings right now are shown below, but in case I need to fall back to the default, I’d appreciate to know what they are since Gnome Tweaks doesn’t seem to have a ‘reset to default’ button. Thanks for any help!

It should be whatever GNOME uses by default. Other than a few basic apps that basically coincide with the welcome app - Endeavour doesn’t change anything.

I would just screenshot that screen after a fresh install to save for later.

Or boot from a live media and check there?

This :arrow_down:

@fbodymechanic I originally meant to screenshot it when I first installed EnOS, but I must’ve clearly gotten myself distracted when I started to tweak a few different things!

@xircon I had considered that! I’m just on a few very slow wifi connection at the moment and it’d easily take me over 2-3 hours to download an .iso file. I figured the forums could possible answer it a bit quicker and they have delivered! But also, the live media is Xfce, I’m not sure if it has the exact same font options as what I was looking for with Gnome Tweaks, but I could be wrong, haven’t used Xfce in a while.

@pebcak Thanks very much mate that’s exactly what I was looking for. Greatly appreciate your efforts! Always great to have little backups like this in handy just in case you want to go back to sane defaults :slight_smile:

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Live media only has xfce.

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All of the DEs on EndeavourOS come without any customisation. So the default font are those that are default upstream. EndeavourOS does not change any of that.

The only exception is offline install with Xfce, which is (quite nicely) customised.

Right now I’m flip flopping between Cantarell (Fedora/Gnome default font aka upstream), Noto Sans Regular, and Ubuntu Regular (which I’m starting to like the most actually!), but it’s good to know that the defaults are a decent baseline. I think I just got too accustomed to how my fonts looked in PopOS under their default setup of the Fira fonts, which my eyes enjoyed the most, but in a different post (link here) I mentioned how those fonts didn’t quite look the same under EnOS for some reason when I compared them to screenshots, but so far this Ubuntu font family is fitting the bill overall quite nicely I might just end up sticking with it for it’s clear, readability, and somewhat compact size compared to other typographic fonts.

I use KDE and these are my font settings:


So, it’s mostly default Noto Sans, except I increased the font sizes a bit, and I use Hack as the main monospaced font. I really like Hack.

Hmm as far as I know for Gnome Tweaks, getting the Monospace Text doesn’t really correlate to anything outside of maybe Gnome Terminal. From my understanding (I would be a bit wrong on the matter!) if you change Gnome Terminal font or in my case I use Tilix, those terminals will just default to whatever font you have selected within the applications own terminal settings, which overrides aka null and voids the Monospace Text when selected in Gnome Tweaks. I had a quick search in pamac for ‘Hack Font’ but the only package not in the AUR is perl-font-ttf and I wonder is that the package I would need to install to acquire the font or is it called something else? I would like to check out if maybe I like the Hack font perhaps better than what I’m currently using in Tilix which is just simply Monospace Regular pt. 11

Edit: Found the Hack font style, the package is in the Extra repos under the name ttf-hack

LiveISO and themed XFCE4 (offline install or using set them button from welcome) is using noto as default font caused by multilang support of it what we need for installation process :wink:

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