What VPN provider do you use?

What VPN provider do you use? I’ve been using PIA but lately I’ve been looking at windscribe. Just wondering what others use and if you like it.

Mullvad is the best I think.

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In his way of approving the new VPN, Linus Torvalds believes he has compared it to the other VPNs and considers it much better.

“Can I express once again my love for him and hope it merges soon?” The code may not be perfect, but I’ve skimmed it and, compared to the horrors of OpenVPN and IPSec, it’s a work of art, ”he said about WireGuard.

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Cool thanks for the link I’ll look into them

Proton VPN.
Swiss servers, Swiss standards and Swiss policy on privacy.
But I am open to new suggestions.


I’ve been using Windscribe for almost a year. Got a lifetime license and I don’t regret it.
A couple of times I had minor problems, but the tech support coped with them successfully.

I use "HideMyAss" VPN. Very fast servers. around 180 locations. So freaking easy to configure through Network Manager. Just need to import the “config files” from HMA.

I’ve been using Windscribe for a couple of years. Decent speeds and have never had a problem with it on both Linux and Windoze.

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Wireguard running on my Pihole.

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The Swiss neutrality mantra took a bit of a hit recently: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51487856


With wire guard coming to Linux soon will you still require a VPN? I don’t use a VPN service currently.

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I’d like to know the answer to this question too. Not having any real need for one, I have never used a VPN.


Myself :wink:
Which is mentioned earlier Wireguard.

looks like another service to look into

its my understanding that wireguard will make VPN simpler and more robust but that they will still be necessary.

Well Wireguard is a VPN, you can get it already from commercial providers or host yourself. It’s just more efficient than the other VPN technologies.

If the question is whether you need a free or commercial VPN service or if you should host yourself, then this depends on your needs.

  1. If you want to make sure that your connections through e.g public wifi are secured, a self hosted VPN will have you covered.
    It will also hide your whereabouts such that you will always seem to be at home.

  2. The main difference with a VPN service is that you can often choose your exit points and therefore appear to be in a country different to your actual location.

Just disambiguate, wireguard is is the underlying VPN technology. As you pointed out self hosting can secure your connection and make it seem like you are always coming from your self hosted location. A VPN provider can provide you anonymity, or allow you to appear from an alternate location. In the end its all about what fits your needs

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Indeed, if you trust them. A VPN service is what I would create if I was after the data of security conscious individuals. The Crypto AG example I posted a little higher up is a perfect example.

But I guess it’s always about who’s after you, if you need to escape the restrictions of your country, a foreign VPN service or even better, TOR are the only options one got.