What is the app that i can download new apps fr repo

oh boy, this endevour os is much diff than manjaro os… manjaro has pamac, which i can use it to download new software be it from official repo communify repo or snap… what is the repo for endevorous ?

Have you used pacman yet? That’s the main app for installing packages. If you haven’t then you should read up on it on the wiki first to make sure you have the mirrors set correctly, etc. As for packages from the AUR, yay and octopi are two popular managers. Once you install one of them then you can even use it to install pamac, if you want to get you back in your comfort zone.
To do all this, AFTER you’ve read the wiki about setting up mirrors and what not, type:

sudo pacman -Syu yay

Follow the prompts and it will install yay. Then, if you still want the pamac gui, type:

yay pamac-all 

Follow the prompts and it should install pamac.


hii i came from manjaro. manjaro uses pamac. it is a gui version of package manager.
so endeavouros uses same package manager ? it seems not. i can’t find it in live usb .
why yay ? why need to install yay before i can install pamac ? can’t i install pamac direct from pacman ?
i have not yet uses yay… but have heard of it.

looks like i need to go thru a big learning curve again … oh boy…

You don’t need a GUI for this stuff!

  1. Search for applications online …


  1. Search for applications from your terminal …
  • Arch packages
    pacman -Ss <packagename OR part of name OR description>
  • AUR (and Arch) packages
    yay <packagename OR part of name OR description>

Then install like this …

  • Arch packages
    sudo pacman -S <packagename>

  • AUR (and Arch) packages
    yay -S <packagename>

    • Btw, you can install multiple packages by using space as delimiter, e. g.
      sudo pacman -S <packagename1> <packagename2>

To update your system, simply run

To update only Arch packages run
sudo pacman -Syu


wow! lol. you are really into detail. ok. i gotchya.

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I have the impression that pacman doesnt update AUR packages, but yay does
yay -Syu

btw, i have looked into keyboard shortcut… there is not global hotkey for terminal pre configure ? or i should make my own global hot key ?

You should use hotkeys (I do), but make your own so you feel comfortable.
CTRL-ALT-T for terminal

thanks, i missed out an “alt”. where are these global hotkey located ? how come i can’t find it in keyboard shortcut ?

oh sorry, my big eyes… it is there…i take it back

in manjaro os, pacman -Syu does update. dont’ know abt endeavorous

In Manjaro I used to use pamac. Things are a little different here, but you can still use pamac, it’s just not recommended.
About upgrading from the AUR, sudo pacman -Syu doesnt seem to upgrade my AUR packages, but yay -Syu seems to include AUR

I was given this link from someone here, it has worked miracles for me, you should check it out.

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sure thing, good important stuff, it will be in my linux cmd note txt fr now on. tq

yay will update both repo packages and those from AUR.


If you insist on using Pamac, you can install it with:

yay pamac-aur-git

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My advice, take it for what it’s worth: don’t use Pamac, use pacman. GUI for package management is a crutch. Embrace the terminal.


hihi… terminal is hard to visualize when i am looking for a software that i don’t know what. i used to look for utility for audio looping (when i was using manjaro), hence i browsed thru pamac and tried out the utilities… if in terminal. it is hard… because i can’t get the keyword right… in pamac, there is description that comes along with the software… in terminal there is nothing…

i don’t like to be tech savy like you guys… but i just can’t get it…not yet… lol

i am in live usb, can i install vim now ? i wanted to use it just for now to record down the goodies cmd that i just obtained from the forum…

That is another thing about yay - just think of a keyword that might be used for a description, and type

yay keyword

and it will show you matches from all over, both the repos and the AUR. To install when you have located what you want, enter the number beside your choice - to do nothing, just hit enter…

Not true. Do you think pamac authors wrote a description for each of the 11159 packages in the repos and 68468 packages in the AUR? No, they didn’t, those descriptions already existed, pamac just reads them from somewhere.

Just use pacman -Si package_name, to read the very same description in the terminal for a repo package, or yay -Si package_name for any package.

Do not assume that the terminal interface is inferior, just because you are not familiar with it.