What IDE or Text editor do you use for coding

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Atom
  • Vim
  • Eclipse
  • NetBeans
  • Emacs
  • Sublime Text

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Atom with material theme works pretty well for me.

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PyCharm with Cobalt theme (python), VS Code (everything else)

VS Code, or more accurately, vscodium for most things.

QT Creator for QT development.


I don’t code any more; 25 years ago I worked in a UNIX development environment and I used GNU Emacs for most, if not all development.

Regular nano, because on the linux boxes at work, you don’t get the luxury of any GUI editor and Vim needs to be installed. Nano on the other hand, already installed, so for convenience it can’t be beat.

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Emacs (and when I screw my emacs config up, micro).

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I first used vi in 1988.

Now, I moved on – to neovim. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Depends what I code… Does latex count? Edit: LaTeX

Jupyter notebook/lab is also a fun coding environment, at least for my snippets of python code.

I use qt creator to compile programs that others code!

Wish I have time to learn more. I have millions of C++ and python books but never managed to get into coding as I wish to. I have a bad conscience just looking at them :rofl:

Perhaps I should take a course at some point…

I could tick multiple option there :slight_smile:

My main editor is VSCode (code from community repo). I do basic C++, Flutter, and basically anything under the sun.

For LaTeX, I find Sublime text much better. It has inline equation preview (via plugin); live preview of pdf and reverse search also worked just by installing a plugin.

For simple one file programs, usually written to check how a function behaves, or quick demo to someone, I use neovim. Its aliased to n. So its very fast for me to press mod+enter; n and I’m in an editor already.

For working on KDE apps (a new thing for me atm), I’m using Kate and Kdevelop.

vim 4 life

Sorry, none of the above. I am a hobbyist, and only do things when I need them. Quite often, with a ton of searching on the net, reading manuals, and trial and error. I mainly use a program titled Notepadqq.

When I was working on my Optimus-Indicator GUI for Optimus Switch, it was mainly in Python. In that case, I was using Thonny.


It allowed me to test out what I had done without installing it to my system.

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None of the above, really. It’s a very incomplete list.

Out of those on the list, I’ve only used Vim, but Vim is not my first choice when it comes to a text editor.

I really like Kate, I use it most of the time.


VS Code all the way XD

Text editor is BLOAT!

Does that mean you use micro, so that you can have micro bloat?