What I do when I am not dealing with Linux

Welcome aboard! :rocket:

Wow, that’s impressive!! :blue_car:

After I get my legs under me for a bit–I am very interested in debug & triage work…What do I need to know?

Thanks—just finished a '69 XKE & currently doing a '60 Frogeye Sprite (semi-autocross car).


The “E” type–

This was about 1 year into the restore…the car was stored in a barn for over 25 years.


Hmmm - please define “vintage”! Are we talking Austin 7 - or Mini Austin 7? Rover P5B, or XK-120? Triumoh Dolomite DOHC, or TR-6? :grin: Lot of ground possible in that description!

Welcome to the site - and hopefully we can be a place you want to be…

Finished '64 Morgan 4 (2 years ago)


Well–I do post-war cars…The '50s & '60s are favorites.

I consider myself a car-culture hater (at least in a modern sense), however that is a work of art…
GOD bless vintage cars, great work you’re doing! :slight_smile:


From the pic I’d guess you can woodwork too! They are gorgeous, but not quite as nice to drive as they appear… unless you update the brakes and customize the side curtains!

Hmm - 50s and 60’s - I think of a lot of cars, but not sure which would have any interest to anyone else. I used to really like the “backslope” Anglia, and the Triumph Herald for example (to look at) - even the Morris Oxford or Austin Cambridge - but you can’t hold them up as exciting! MGA perhaps? Big Healey? Lotus 7?

Arrggh! Now it’s getting difficult to even find a manual transmission - the golden age has passed :grin:

My wife wants me to get a Super 7 (1 of 3 cars I would own–Early '60s Morgan or another Frogeye come to mind). Have a '72 TR6 (Vintage Race) in the works–'70 GT6+ & a few others are waiting for me to have time…I’m in my early '60s…so I get to pick & choose. As I’m in the States, you can guess my “normal” car types…MGB & GT, Spits, Midgets + the “interesting” ones—Sunbeams, Hillmans & mostly 60’s Jags. Woodwork? Well, I’m a “passing” one–tend to gravitate to metalwork mostly.

I’ve always had a soft spot for TR6’s - must be the high speed (rally-style) run down a cottage gravel road I enjoyed as a young teen passenger! Are we talking Tigers for the Sunbeam? :grin:

And - you only need the woodwork for that Morgan if you get it… although I guess a US one is less likely to need it - and less likely to need floor pans etc…

I’ve owned 2 TR6’s A very rough '69 & I restored a '72 in the early '90s for myself…Still love them… A few Tigers & a few Alpines-enjoyed both types. I use to race mini in GT5, had a '69 with a Fourtech-body that was competitive in the '90s. The last car that my wife & I restored for ourselves was an '64 MG 1100 with a 1275 & Cooper box.


Thank You—I like to bring them back to life. It’s interesting, they say that non-living things are just lumps of materials-----but I swear that these little ones have souls. I just fired up the frogeye project last week & the car WANTED to get running…“she” wasted NO time at it–I pulled the start knob & she ran RIGHT NOW. I’ve had restores that you have to cajole into running–and ones that were glad to get back to life.

Ascribing “soul” to objects is not logical, but…


When I’m not dealing with Linux I’m a student again, as a grown man, and will be for the next 3 years.

This is great, but it is bad news for my dealing with Linux. I will simply not have time for it until I’m settled and comfortable in this new endeavor, sometime after Christmas at the earliest.

Since december last year, I’ve gone from not being able to set the screen resulution in Linux, to having pure CLI installs down to 25 minutes, fully functional desktop. And that’s where you realize just how much more is out there and how much more you want to learn. All thanks to the community experience. I’ve had a damn great time reading and learning, watching videos, taking part in the global community.

Linux will always be a part of my life, it is too great to let go. I’ll have to do some priorities just now, but I’ll be back for sure.

In the mean time I’ll stop by here from time to time, have a cold beer with you folks, talk some Linux and some trivia, keep a foot in the door until time permits more Linux stuff, and taking a more active part in the community. See you around!


I am one of those heretics that really think the E-type is overhyped; to me the proportions are all wrong. Roof is too high, sides are too wide, wheel base too narrow, trunk is too short… The cabriolet is much better looking tho, it solves the problem with the too tall roof. :slight_smile:

Now the light-weight version is much better looking (and faster, capable of beating an AC Cobra on the track) but I think for me the best looking Jag is the C-type, and best looking British racer is the AM DBR1. By far.

But I’m odd. I’m the kind of guy who given a choice between a Ferrari Dino and a Saab 96 2-stroke Rally Edition would pick the Saab every time.

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Yes—I had the pleasure to work on a D type about 15 years ago—a real joy to drive–ran with much gusto–loud & brash. I loved the way the car attacked the corners-almost a visceral thing, it was like driving a willing Lion-fast & furious. (no pun intended).

My favorite car is a Lotus Super 7—very different experience. You dance with a Super 7–partners joined by wheel, seat & pedals to work with finesse.

And as to your compare–I too would pick the Saab…Dinos are very overrated :slight_smile:


I’m pretty boring. Not much of a socialite and most of my interests are IT/engineering related. Aside from that, I have an interest in linguistics, history and chess. Chess next to programming is about as addictive as it can get for me. Sometimes I worry I play too much :joy:

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Forgive me Linus, for i have sinned again…

Today i’ve just walked 15 km on my two under heavy rain for no reason…and no Linux :expressionless:


I spend most of my non-linux time cooking with the kid, or golfing, or finding excuses to avoid my workouts.

Seeing the pretty bikes has me itching for another one though.

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Very Nice.