What happened to Chromium?

Is it this what you’re looking for?


I wouldn’t even have thought of those settings since i always automatically set my settings in my browser whether it be Chromium or Firefox. It’s just a habit for me.

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Well, kind off, but the titlebar option is missing there.

I think once you set these settings. Then on the browser title bar add by right clicking.


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With Chromium, right-click on empty space in the tab bar to get a drop-down menu with the option to use system title bars and borders.

With Google Chrome, the setting is still present in Chrome’s Settings (plus the right-click option is also available in Google Chrome).

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It’s along time I used chromium. So what do you mean with titlebar?

Oh, yes, there it is, I didn’t know it was that. Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryanpwo With titlebar I mean the top part, where you see the title of the application, and there you have the option to minimize and maximize it.

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@miVo yes, …and the perfect handle for the window, you can not miss it : - )

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