What happened to Chromium?

newly I realize, Chromium lacks the native titlebar option. Like totaly went. For me that is a no go, stopped using Chromium any longer. As in Plasma I see this option reasonable. How about you?

Chromium > Settings > Appearance > Use system title bars and borders

is not there any more : - /

Huh. I use Google Chrome, not Chromium, and the last update had reverted the setting to off - but the setting is still there. I just had to toggle it to “on” again.

Sorry to hear about Chromium removing that; you may want to look in Chromium’s flags and see if there’s something in there.

EDIT - btw, the version of Google Chrome I have is google-chrome 93.0.4577.63-1, and I see that Chromium is the same version in the repos.

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I tried a few things but gave up, Waterfox is given the task now :slight_smile:
I do use browser isolation, meaning a set of web activity is splitted among each browser

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that is right, that was my chromium version too

I hope that Chrome is planning to stick with this setting, as I need my titlebars.

But for now, at least, it’s still there, as you can see:

I hope too, they can disable this option, but why take it away, makes no sense…

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This is all you get!


what the hell, sometimes you have the solution right in front, yet you can not see.
That was a tricky change, but as I searched the internet others are fooled too !!


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Does it depend on the system language ? The Dutch version doesn’t have that option. So is it only available in English language version ?

Are you using chrome or chromium? I don’t think that option has moved in chrome yet.

If you are using chromium, what version do you have?

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…or are you in a gnome environment, where such things do not apply?
( just a guess I never had gnome )

I am on XFCE, and I am talking about Chromium version 93.0.4577.63.

I have 93.0.4577.63.1 so it still could come in

Are you talking about the system title bar & borders? It’s always been there as far as i know. Of course i use English language and I’m on the latest version of Chromium.

I checked with yay, and it shows that 93.0.4577.63.1 is installed, but About Chromium show it as 93.0.4577.63, without the 1.

And yes, I mean system title bar & borders, your picture shows more options than I have.

Hmm? :thinking: Not sure. My version shows. Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)

I think what you are actually seeing is 93.0.4577.63-1. The number after the dash is the arch pkgrel. That isn’t part of the version number.

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the mouse right-click works , I assume ? sorry if this is a stupid question but sometimes you must think the unthinkable