What games are you playing?

GTAV now that I got mods working on Linux (except for ones which require ScriptHookVDotNet), Open Fortress, L4D2, New Vegas, Pokemon Radical Red

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Bingo Blitz

Just got Xplane and a nice HOTAS. That’ll keep you busy.

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What HOTAS did you get?

Logitech X 56. I’m really liking it.

Been looking at that one too for playing Elite: Dangerous…
Well yours, and the VKB Gladiator NXT EVO ‘Space Combat Edition’ and Omni Throttle

I’m using a pair of Thrustmaster T16000’s now for elite, and while the sticks feel great, the buttons on the stick base feel reel plasticky, and pull you out of the immersion…
You get what you pay for of course :slight_smile:

Bingo Blitz. Its a fun game. Get credit for bingo blitz here https://thegamereward.com/bingo-blitz/

Well if we’re calling our spacevan in Elite the “USS Endeavour”, we might as well give her the colours too :slight_smile:

Don’t mind the chipped paint… Battlescars due to being far away from home :rocketa_purple:


Well I’m still working my way through Pokemon rom hacks, So far I’d recommend for anyone interested Unbound (up until the elite 4 - I was playing in vanilla difficulty & the change in difficulty here was just too much), DarkFire (however this is still unfinished it seems to be coming along nicely with a great story & not to easy not too hard). FireRed Team Rocket Edition (be the bad guys). I gave up with Rejuvenation at the maze - was just too hard for me, I don’t have the reflexes for it - but I did play it for almost 19 hours up until this point so would still recommend people try it out. Am currently giving Inflamed Red a try and loving it so far - the difficulty feels like when I first played the games as kid.

I had finished the game in “difficult” level in first try. And 2nd attempt was on “expert”, though I messed in Pokémon league.

Something like that in Pokémon Reborn as well, I had to move the train by arranging the broken tracks in cave so that the wall could be broken by driving the train, but I had messed the configuration of tracks. :laughing:

Why not play Pokemon Showdown??

You can challenge me as well there.

I’ll have to check out Pokemon Showdown, I haven’t come across it yet but I’ll have a look into it. I think alot of trouble I had with Unbound was the team I had - after playing Inflamed Red I think I might have another go at it’s helped me with my strategizing a lot when it comes to type specialists.

Pokemon Showdown is browser based game, where we can make our own custom team and battle up against others and friends.


If we use Pokenav and starter pokemon gifts, we can clear out few types specialist battles, which happens after winning the league.

But the real trouble is Inverse Battles, and it was very tough for me to clear it.

My first team which cleared the game :smiley: :grinning: :smiley: :grinning: :grin:

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Nice team, I think I might try it with a similar setup & see if I can get through it. Inverse battles are pretty tough. I’ll check out show down when I get a bit more data as it’s getting towards the end of the fortnight and my data is starting to get a bit low.

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I always start too many games at the same time and take way too long to finish them :rofl:…but here goes:

  • Xenogears

  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSX version)

  • Destiny 2’s Witch Queen DLC

I have World of Horror in my Steam wishlist, this actually looks really good but I’m determined to finish one of the above before I go spending more $ on another one lolol. Anyone try this game? Thoughts?

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Recently took a look at Dinkum. Looks like a nice little time-sink :slight_smile:

Other than that, Borderlands 3 and No Man’s Sky get a lot of my time (especially the latter).

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Love the Tactics Ogre series, challenging but not too challenging that they are frustrating

Love the borderlands series, 3 was pretty good but 2 still remains my favourite, I just need to get something I can play it on again

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I got the Borderlands 2 package will all the add ons. The Mecromancer is a lot of fun to play.