What games are you playing?

I’ve been playing some Among Us recently. It works pretty well under Wine.


There’s semi-frequent crashes and keyboard controls stop working if you change focus - which, pretty much, is a total pain - but it’s absolutely worth the $5 I spent on it on itch.io. The core gameplay’s an absolute blast, even in public lobbies, and some new features just came out of beta.

Graphics are also great even on my laptop :smile:

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After all of my buddies told me The Witcher 3 is one of the best games they’ve ever played, I just purchased it today…

They told me now is the time to dive in, as next month the developers are releasing the highly anticipated new Cyberpunk 2077.

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Witcher 3 FTW!

Don’t forget to post screenshots. Love that game it is defo worthy of all the hype it receives

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Played through it on the PS4 back in the days, but recently installed it on my PC, and boy does it look good on there when you crank the settings all the way up :star_struck:

I’m planning to go through all of it once more, and do the DLC’s too this time… skipped those on the PS4

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Yeah I originally bought it for my PS4. However,
I really struggled with the controls on the PS -Always played my RPGs on PC, so didn’t make it too far in the game. So the minute I bought my gaming PC a couple of years back Witcher 3 was one of the first games I bought.

P.S I’m expecting some screenshots from you too, especially as you’re cranking your settings all the way up :grin:

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btw have you seen that from SSRTGI shader thread? :upside_down_face:

Can’t get better than that! :partying_face:

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Now that is gorgeous :heart_eyes: I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by reshade. However, I may have to give it a go to breathe life into some of my older games.

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Well, don’t be shy you can read that article (admittedly little unfinished, but still more than enough to get started and full of useful stuff) or ask questions :upside_down_face:

Ray tracing shader itself is pretty complex in it’s configuration…
But once you get how - it’s a blast! :slight_smile:

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What kind of performance hit is expected when using reshade?
I’m thinking my RX 5600 XT might just not cut it for that ray tracing magic

ReShade itself - zero, rest depends on:

  1. Shaders in use
  2. Game / Engine
  3. Game settings (For example you need to turn off any form of AO in-game, because RTGI is much more quality and realistic version of it anyway, but this move alone will also save you a lot of FPS)

But really, to get realistic look out of any game you’d only need RTGI shader anyway and maybe something like depth-based sharpening of qUINT_sharp (depending on game)

RTGI is very well optimized (and still in the works, hence pay-walled for now) so compared to something like RTX - it’s absolutely nothing on performance hit.

If you don’t get too mad with settings it would hit around 2-10 FPS, but you can obviously crank the settings high without any real benefits and it will make a nice slideshow out of your game (if you don’t know what you’re doing, hence the guide)

So if you can get decent 60 FPS maxed out on your game, i’d assume it won’t be problem, but i sit on some serious hardware so there’s only one way to find out :slight_smile:


Guess the only way to know, is to try it then :slight_smile:

I can get high/ultra settings on most modern games at 1080P/60hz, but in the more recent/demanding titles it’s clear that I’m pushing my card to the limit

So I guess it’ll be hit and miss on some games with reshade…
Seems like I’ll have a lot of testing to do this weekend :partying_face:


Weird… pressing HOME doesn’t pop up the reshade overlay…
But I get the feeling it’s doing something though…
(or maybe the games just looks this good by itself :sweat_smile:)

Screenshot_20201107_113226 Screenshot_20201107_113212 Screenshot_20201107_112911


Nope, if HOME doesn’t work - then ReShade is not
Let’s go to SSRTGI thread, pretty sure you’ve made same mistake as @jonathon in there :slight_smile:

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working :slight_smile:
simple protontricks 292030 --gui command did the trick to enable the dll overrides for witcher 3

(seems like the game does look stupidly good by itself after all :joy:)

Frames occasionally drop to 57 on ultra settings with reshade on, so nothing to worry about :slight_smile:



Okay, now I’m impressed! Decided to test it in Fallout 4, in a ‘perforated’ house, to see what it would look like.

The way it projects the lightbeams in the interior here is like nothing I have ever seen



Yep, talking about magic!

Dude is a genius…And if you dive into the guide you’ll learn a lot about how to control that magic and tweak optimally for each game :space_invader:

Soon I’ll be playing more with the settings than the game itself :exploding_head:

That’s the only downside, not so much settings (once you get it - it’s ~5 mins to set and go), but when re-playing your favorite games it’s urge to on/off and compare each freaking frame :rofl:

I’ve forced myself to just play Batman Arkham origins recently without constantly pressing a button to check…and man, that’s just complete blast, like a different game!

And most magic comes from dynamic lights in game, let’s say siren or fire etc…

Thx God for creating math :brain: :sweat_smile:

Immortal Redneck yesterday bought at the gog store.



So you’re a redneck mummy blowing up pyramids in Egypt? :grin: