What games are you playing?

You’ve stuck in a past! :smile:
How about some extra-futuristic 16 bit games?!

For example today i have played a little with that masterpiece of Earth Worm Jim


:white_check_mark: Graphics
:white_check_mark: Sound / Music
:white_check_mark: Gameplay
:white_check_mark: Insanity



Ah yes, Sega Mega Drive. That was my first and last console :wink:

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I’m not fan of RTS games, but for those who are Iron harvest might be of interest:

Personally once i’ll have free-time on my hands i really want to re-play original Deus Ex, it’s 2020 after all :laughing: :alien: :robot:


Try Project Cars 3, I’m a Forza fan and that’s been scratching my itch, plus it runs well through proton.

I wish I could get Assetto Corsa to run. I have PC2, but for some reason I preferred AC. To be honest though, I have barely spent time on either.

Probably without DXVK it won’t work :frowning:
Try to use wine-staging or GloriousEggroll engine and this winetricks:


According to protondb / lutris that should get you started, but again - they all must be using DXVK as well, so there’s no guarantee without it.

Still worth a shot!

If you still have more how and why questions - read more carefully here on Linux gaming :wink:

I got back into Team Fortress 2 again – this game was the first thing to pique my interest in Linux. They did a promo in 2013, where you launch the game from any Linux distribution and you’re awarded a little Tux plush in game to wear.

Edit: Should’ve also mentioned that I’m still rocking mine. :slight_smile:

Been also playing Risk of Rain 2 since 1.0 came out.

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I can’t get supertuxcart to run, it locks my laptop up.

I have been playing original half-life, but I get a bit bored from xen onwards, so need something new.


Crusader Kings III is out now, and, atypically for Paradox games, has very good reviews and scores on release.
It’s going to be my next game purchase :slight_smile:


I only have 900 hours in CK2…


Have you ever tried the F.E.A.R series?

Turn the lights down and prepared to be spooked to all get out by a very creepy little girl :smile:

Are you sure about that?! :rofl:

I still remember first time i’ve tried the first one, it was advertised as game with advanced AI and physics:

  • Physics: Yeah…Shooting a light on a rope make it swing. Great, never seen before! :laughing:
  • AI - i’ll never forget when i was quickly approaching soldier from behind, who have been standing started at the wall, then i shot him and missed a little, so shotgun have shot on that wall at which he started. There was decals of destruction with a size of RPG hitting that wall in real life (thx, advanced physics again! :laughing: ). Guess what that guy did? Advanced AI decided to keep staring at that wall and do nothing, like that’s just normal day!

P.S. However 10 years later with patches and all that crap it became playable, but if you ask me, it’s not horror - it’s comedy :rofl:

One of the most laughable games to me :laughing:

Can you not crank up any other games that may be in your backlog?

I have around 20. I never understood that game, in contrast to EU4 where I have over 1000 hours :wink:

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I am assuming you also play Runescape?

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I used to, one of the 3 games of my childhood. Between back in the day and OSRS, I have roughly clocked in 10-12k hours total – out of that, my main on OSRS has 4100 hours before I stopped playing.

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I sometimes still pop into Runescape just to look around, enjoyed it a lot as a kid - I started with what later became known as ‘Classic’. To my knowledge all versions of Runescape work natively in Linux, pretty handy.

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Never played anything before Runescape “2” – where the game got its massive graphical overhaul. I’m way too young for Classic haha. Runescape was my gateway to learning english, understanding the value of money and interacting with people from all around the world. Many emotions went into it and it was one hell of an adventure. :slight_smile:

It should run natively on anything that supports Java.

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Today i’m gonna play Creaks!

Looking good, i’ve played all those previous games by Amanita design - they’re work of art!
I highly recommend Samorost 3 and Machinarium :partying_face:


That game looks like some thing my youngest sister would like. She’s a massive fan of Laika studios and Tim Burton.

Anyways I’m currently playing Fable Anniversary. Never got around to finishing it when I first began playing in 2017. :see_no_evil: