What games are you playing?

I never think it’s a good idea to play games on linux, it’s too cumbersome, there are too many problems to solve, and most importantly, many games are not officially supported to run on linux, especially the games with anti-cheat. If I play games I will switch to windows, now the hardware performance is no longer a problem, with more than 32G RAM and a mid-range graphics card, the Fps gap between windows and Linux can be completely ignored.

Bullshit. Only few games don’t work due to anti cheat. The vast majority of games work just like on Windows.

Proton has come a long way.


I spend 30 hours playing Vampire Survivors :joy: It is nice and addictive dopamine drug.

I am finally playing Final Fantasy 7 remake.

I waited forever for it to come to pc only for it to be an epic exclusive, then once that was over I buy it only for my poor old fx8320 and ddr3 ram (though I thought my GTX 970 was also part of the problem) to make it a horrible experience… I upgraded to a Ryzen 5 5600, and now It plays much, much better (stays way above 60fps vs freezing and stuttering and struggling to hit 30fps). I still plan to upgrade my gtx970 in the not too distant future, mostly because I want to go AMD, but still it is nice to know it isn’t completely unusable yet.

Absolutely! I haven’t yet found a game I wanted to play that doesn’t work on Linux. Some need a bit more work to run well – some obscure old titles can be a challenge to run and require some creative solutions, like screen magnifiers :rofl: but in general, most games are very easy to setup. Especially if you’re using services like Steam. If you are like me, and do not use Steam or any other such platform, gaming on Linux does require an understanding of the concept of Wine prefixes, which, I admit, can be a bit complicated to newcomers, but everyone figures it out, sooner or later.

Performance on Linux is almost always as good as on windoze (sometimes slightly worse, sometimes slightly better, but in general difficult to tell the difference).

Five years ago, gaming on Linux used to be really difficult, but nowadays it’s quite simple and there is really no need to dual boot windoze just for gaming.


Besides, someone made it a bit easier, so even 5 year olds can figure it out, since wine is…ouchie on it’s wiki and docs.

Steam + Proton is elementary on the other hand, it doesn’t require thinking…just same old Steam, for those who doesn’t mind some BLOAT in their system.


I play Farthest Frontier and Pharaoh: A New Era both games runs great. Frontier is in early access at this time but i have a lot of fun with it. The same company had make Grim Dawn which is a great game too.

On of my bases in No Man’s Sky in in the Wiki now…


Thanks for the tip!
I loved Earthbound and mother 3 :star_struck:
Hope this runs on steamdeck… seems like a perfect fit :slight_smile:

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I finished Metal Gear Rising and it was awesome.

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Been playing Quake4, can’t get the sound to work on wine or the launcher in AUR, which is a bit of a hinderance.

Going to give Metro Exodus a play tonight, just bought it for the princely sum of £5.74 :smiley:

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Zelda TotK is the first Zelda game I’ve given a proper shot. Very long time ago I’ve played a bit of Ocarina and WW, but never made it far, though the games were intriguing.

I’m absolutely loving the game so far. The atmosphere is superb, absolutely amazed by how good the game looks (I have a switch lite, so play only handheld). It’s almost like a snapshot of a childhood summer adventure.

Besides TotK, I’ve also managed to put some hours into D4 server slam and actually found the game (or at least what little they let us play) to be good all around. Hoping to put some hours in once it’s released and hopefully (if irl permits) continue with Zelda.

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I’m currently playing Asterigos: Curse of the stars. You have to find your father & warrior group who wandered off on some mission into a forbidden city that’s cursed by some magic. You can choose weapons: sword & shield, daggers, spear, bracelets, staff. They all have magical properties and can be enhanced by the blacksmith, you find recipes for the blacksmith as you go. There are also magical trinkets which boost your stats.

You level up skills in the talent point tree, & your char stats in the ability/attributes page. The game is fun and you get currency by killing montsers, you can also reset a zone at thing that look like popup fountains if you wanna farm it I guess. It seems the game is intended to be used with a controller but I’m playing on keyboard.

better review than my lame description: Asterigos Curse of The Stars Review: Should You Buy? - YouTube

Hmmmm, Metro Exodus is OK, but the cut scene videos go on forever! (and ever and ever…). I want to shoot things, not watch a movie :rofl:

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Elden Ring… It just never ends! It’s gone from being fun to just some sort of conquest. I want to be done with it and never look back.

Diablo 4

Horizon Zero Dawn, Hogwarts Legacy.

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ADHD diagnosed!

Achievements 100% :crazy_face:

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I hope the dlc drops soon, because the base game has gotten pretty boring. Still have to get two more endings as well…

Oof looks like it might not be until 2024

Does (or did) anyone here play The Crew 2?