What does this mean when I try to install Steam with the yay command?

Hi all friends.

I’m new to Linux and EOS, and there are some basic things I’m embarrassed to ask, sorry but:

I need to install Steam, Blender, Gimp and JDownloader 2. I execute in the terminal:


(I update everything)

yay -S steam

But I get this message (sorry for my bad english):

[mylinux@mylinux ~]$ yay -S steam
Sync Explicit (1): steam-
resolving dependencies...
:: There are 6 providers available for vulkan-driver:
:: Repository extra
   1) amdvlk  2) nvidia-utils  3) vulkan-intel  4) vulkan-radeon  5) vulkan-swrast  6) vulkan-virtio

Enter a number (default=1): 
:: There are 6 providers available for lib32-vulkan-driver:
:: Repository multilib
   1) lib32-amdvlk  2) lib32-nvidia-utils  3) lib32-vulkan-intel  4) lib32-vulkan-radeon
   5) lib32-vulkan-swrast  6) lib32-vulkan-virtio

Enter a number (default=1):

I press enter, but that message appears again.

I guess it forces me to type one of those 6 numbers and hit enter.

How do I know which of those 6 numbers I need to install in order to install Steam?

Thanks in advance.

Vulkan is the graphical api for GPU driver that lets you play games with decent performance, make sure to read requirements section to choose correct one for your GPU.

P.S. In case of AMD it’s best to use radv radeon ones.

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Thanks friend, I have a GTX 1050 ti, I’ll see your link.

Oh and to answer that - it doesn’t force choice:

  1. It asked you about vulkan driver
  2. You pressed Enter (that means choose default option, which was 1, wrong for you :wink: )
  3. Then it asked about Vulkan driver for multilib lib32 it’s same driver for x32 architecture games, both should be installed on your system for successful gaming,

So basically for you GPU you need to go with proprietary Nvidia drivers for best performance:


When asked just type the number you want to choose and press enter.

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Thanks my friend!

But one more question. I have a GTX 1050 ti and an i-5 4370.

Does it mean that I have to install these 2 commands in the terminal?

nvidia (this is my graphics card/GPU, correct?)

Intel (is this my microprocessor/CPU? should I install this too?)





Do I have to install this before installing Steam? I mean from the terminal like this?

yay -S nvidia-utils
yay -S lib32-nvidia-utils

Doesn’t matter which of 2 ways:

You can do exactly as you’ve done before

yay -S steam

And choose nvidia for both when asked (just type correct number and press Enter)

Or you can do this by using pacman in one line:

sudo pacman -S nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils steam

Oh sorry, i get what you mean…Well for playing games you’d definitely want to play only on Nvidia card, so it doesn’t matter…Technically you can play on Intel too (yeah that’s GPU inside your processor), but it will suck :laughing:

So installing intel vulkan as well won’t hurt…but won’t help either :upside_down_face:

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Thanks friend, in order not to mistakenly enter a wrong number, I executed it by commands.

I also did not know that you could install several programs in 1 command, thanks for the tip!

Steam installed successfully, I also installed Blender and Gimp. Unfortunately my EOS has “broken” and I’m on W10 right now.

After updating and installing those 2 nvidia “drivers” and these 3 programs, I rebooted EOS (I always do after installing something).

EOS starts showing all those texts with the word [OK], as usual, all with the word [OK] in green color, but it stops at one of them, and doesn’t start EOS.

After waiting several minutes, I pressed the shutdown button, many texts came out again, and the pc shut down.

I didn’t shut it down by force, EOS shut down correctly because it put “shutdown” I think.

I’ve rebooted EOS and can’t get to the login screen, still stuck on black screen with white letters and green [OK] letters.

I am going to open a thread with this problem since I think that this is not the correct subforum.

Thanks for your help friend, at least I learned how to install “drivers” and programs today thanks to you! :smiley:

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