What do you use to organise your photos?

Over the past few months I have taken a lot of photos and just dumped them on my NAS. Now it is time to start organising them and I need to decide on an application. Looking at the [arch wiki] (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_applications/Multimedia#Image_organizers) there are a lot of options and it is hard to decide which one to use. So I would like to know which application you use/prefer and why. Or why you cannot recommend an application at all. Just as an additional input for my decision process.

P.S. I am currently using the KDE desktop.

I just use files with location and date.

Files > SLR (instead of normal photos, as that’s usually junk/screenshots etc)


That way I can separate and file dump as needed

Thunar File Manager…

I just use my own folders. That way I am in control, not reliant on some App that may or may not continue toe exist. Yeah it takes away the convenience of automation but I don’t really care about that.


Since you’re on KDE, you already have a great one — Dolphin! It’s great for stuff like that. Gwenview is also okay.

You may also want to consider XnViewMP, but if you do, please use xnviewmp-system-libs.

I’ve written about my reasons here: KDE + Nvidia vs Cinnamon + Nvidia


Whatever file manager. They’re all about the same to me. My personal favorite has always been pcmanfm, but I usually use files since it comes with gnome anyways.

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I have literally thousands of photos - scanned from 70+ years of family archives plus my own many thousands of digitals (plus digitized old home movies + new family videos) …

I use digikam to organize/download them into folders (by YEAR) and then subfolders (by MONTH/DAY-SubjectName).

Once I have them organized (downloading new ones from SD camera card into file structure via digikam) I then use ART - a fork of RawTherapee - for any cropping/editing that is needed.

Auto backups and multiple storage locations ensure there’s no crying in the future.

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I use my brain … because I don’t keep photos.

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Nothing. I use whatever file manager I have in the desktop environment I’m in (KDE/Dolphin, Cinnamon/Nemo, Gnome/Nemo). I have all my images in folders and sub-folders. Backed up on Dropbox and locally on an external hard drive.

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I use Shotwell - https://shotwell-project.org/doc/html/

It proved itself invaluable when I realised that many photos I had imported from one digital camera were 25 hours off (I hadn’t changed the clock for DST and I think it must have been unaware of leap years). Very easy to fix - https://shotwell-project.org/doc/html/edit-date-time.html


shotwell is usable. digikam is great. I have about 75000 photos from more than 100 years in digikam organized in structure year-month-day and categorized with keywords. it works very well.


The main organization format is just, normal folders for me.

I label folders based on year-month. If the pictures are from some special event or trip, I’ll name it accordingly.

I self host Immich and use it as a viewer plus search app. But I don’t upload via this app because I prefer manually organizing.

Thanks for the replies so far. I already have my photos organized by date on my NAS, which is accessible through my file explorer (Dolphin). However, since I have photos from over six months of traveling, I’m looking for software to help me tag, rate, and utilize the geo-location data of my photos. The current date-based structure is not very helpful, especially since I took at least one picture every day, and grouping them by location is also challenging.

Additionally, I’m not a big fan of permanently deleting photos that aren’t perfect, as they often still hold memories. Therefore, I think I will give DigiKam a shot and see how it works for me. I’ll report back on my experience.


I guess I’m as stubborn as an Ox. I do things my way and don’t rely on an App. That way things can never break. It’s the K.I.S.S. principle from UNIX. Sometimes things get messy!

I put them all in the music folder. It works very well.


Whistle while you work! :rofl:

If I just keep them in one overflowed fat folder–no software needed. Sort by date gets me in the ballpark of a memory.
subfolders for my late dog, memes, etc.

then on to external/grsync later.

I actually can not stand whistling. It is an unwanted contribution to my peaceful serenity. It reminds me of a turnkey strolling down the hallway, keys a jangling, pissing off all the inmates.

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I use photoprism.
Suports geo localization, tagging, has several types of filters and is http enabled.
Deployed on a openmediavault as a service it’s a must.

I support the idea to have a look on digikam. I am using digikam since 2006, when it was still very basic. Nowadays its very advanced to tag, rate, utilize or add geo-location data. It can find faces and makes it easy to tag them. You can use gpx files to add geo location data based on timestamps, too. If you want you can use a internal or external mysql database for your data of hundred thousands of pictures. One can write tags and other metadata in sidecar files or in the files. You can search by tags, date, similarity, geodata and more. Too much to tell everything it can do, it will need some time to find out everything. From the same developers there as a software called showFoto for many kinds of editing, some editing you can do in Digikam, too. Just press F4.