What do you guys miss most about your Previous Distro

That I never used to hassle to get my printer working. Otherwise, that’s it.

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Not a damn thing :wink:


only one thing from opensuse… YaST

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User flair checks out.

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100% confirm…I dearly hate printing on cups :joy:

Random, arbitrary holding back of packages leading to 600+ package 2GB+ download “stable” updates … yeah nah.

Repo access to older kernels was a plus though, I have a very old laptop that works best with 4.19, which is in the AUR, but I’d have to build it … which would probably melt the old clunker.

Nothing to miss I use a desktop, use a printer that works Epson.

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I have an HP.

Epson works without any config? That’s wild.

Damm. Am I the only one that actually likes CUPS?

Using a Brother HL1210W with drivers from AUR

Cups is a finicky beast. Works well with Brother, and Epson (although finding the right driver for Epson is a pain), otherwise it’s really hit and miss. HP require HPLIP to work usually.

I’m still running Arch so that doesn’t count, but I miss Antergos’ smaller community to some extent.

What I don’t miss is the &#%¤(#¤) malfunctioning Calamares installer, the devs more or less going AWOL, and the bugs due to that.

Endeavour has outdone Antergos by a long shot. But I’m still grateful that it spawned Endeavour.


The devs made a deal with the devil.

Yes this is cannon.

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I miss LibraNet, just plain and simple. That’s honestly the only ex-distro that I miss anything from. I have enough hardware that every distro that I like even SOMEWHAT I have running on something. A lot of Debian, a decent amount of Endeavour (or at least it will be again whenever my T14 arrives), 1 KDE Neon machine (with snapd package pinned to -1000 priority), and a Void machine.

Me Either! When you have Endeavour there is no reason to question? … whether? I have Endeavour

…there is nothing better! :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag: :enos:


This, and that GUI that told you what nvidia driver you are using currently, and the ability to switch to an older version.

I’ve tried so many distros I can’t remember what I miss about the last one. However, I think we’re all in agreement on what we don’t miss about a major distro. :wink:


I really miss the breakage in all the other distro that I have tried before Arch.
Since switching to Arch it’s boring, still waiting for my first breakage. ( 4 + years now )


Not exactly a distro, but I do miss the global menu from macOS, I really wish it was available in Gnome. Sadly I haven’t found any creative solution that makes it available as of currently so I’ve accepted it.

Wow that’s impressive. You’re not trying hard enough! :laughing:


you can try Budgie, I have it installed on a Macbook air and the global menu works like a charm (except firefox of course)

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