What do I need to install/configure to have a bare EOS + qtile setup?

I want to do a new install with qtile. Since this is not currently an option in the installer I thought I’d learn how to set up an installation from scratch. I assume I can achieve this by not selecting a de/wm in Calamares and then installing qtile from the terminal. Let me know if this is incorrect.

What I’m wondering is what else I’ll need to install/configure to be able to log in to a working qtile setup rather than a terminal?

The easiest would be to install first a DE such as xfce or other then install qtile. Then you don’t need to worry about installing things like a login manager and file manager etc…

You choose of course what you prefer. You could also install lightdm, then you may want to install picom as compositor, nitrogen for changing backgrounds and arandr to change screen resolution. Thats about it. Qtile comes with a bar and also widget that display some system infos. These can be easily added in the config file.

Also have a look at these links:


if fun in vm? i say sink or swim :wink: install no DE .
that just me :crazy_face:

this interesting read " Qtile Community Edition - General Discussion "

this help " https://github.com/codic12/EosQtile "


Have a look at the pkglists here:

I guess what you need is, at the very least, eos-base-group. You might just opt out some packages you don’t need like modemmanager or even firefox if you use another browser.

You would need to add any additional packages to user_pkglist in the liveuser home directory:
qtile and perhaps a display manager if you don’t want to start qtile with xinit.

Edit: I would also check under the other groups in Calamares and perhaps choose the following packages there instead of adding them manually to the user_pkglis mentioned before:

lightdm  ## if you need a display manager

Maybe also a file manager, a terminal etc… Shop around!


You’ll need a polkit manager too. I always install lxsession and then just invoke lxpolkit in the startup file for my WM. As for a login manager/dm, I recommend ly, which is in the AUR. It’s super basic and super light.


Thank you, this is very useful. What I was missing was a display manager.

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