What controllers to use in EOS?

Hello folks!
Thought about getting a controller, something like the Steam controller.
But I learned that it is discontinued.
Can anyone recommended some brand , model proven to work in Linux?
Thanks in advance!

I have a Xbox One controller which works like a charm but could get it to work only via Bluetooth. So if for some reason, you buy one second hand, be sure that the model is of the more recent edition as the old ones lack BT.

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Sony’s Dualsense has official linux drivers so that might be a good way to go. I’ve also seen plenty of posts around the net from people using Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers without issue as well if you like that style.

I use this one Hyperkin X91 controller, it was $20 at microcenter, so I was like hey if it didn’t work i’d just return it. It works great and I play a lot of fighting games on steam on EOS. It was plug and play, I didn’t have to install anything, it just worked.


This video is 2 years old but, it’s only 6 minutes and still might be worth a look unless your looking for the latest gen/tech controller.

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Funny, watched this video just before coming back to the thread.

Now, hop on eBay for getting a Steam controller.
They don’t sell it anymore. Kicking myself for not getting it 2 years before on Black Friday, it was so cheap.
Lesson learned.

if you have the older xbox one controller you can use this program to make it work. I haven’t used it in a long time nor extensively but it worked for me in hollow night using the MS dongle and xbox one controller. https://github.com/medusalix/xow


Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m actually considering trying to connect my PS4 controller now so I can try fallout new vegas on steam on my laptop. . . hmm.

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I have an old Xbox360 controller. Works natively.

OT: Are newer controllers better in any way?


I think I’d take an Xbox or PS controller over the Steam one. I gave mine away a year ago. The build quality was nowhere near as good as the other two.

Xbox 360 controller works on everything, never let me down.
Would like to see a steam controller v2 some day.

Something that I learned.
However, most swear by the trackpad on the Steam controller.
Can you share your experience?

Even my Series 2 Elite works with this.

My advice is to get a modern xbox one controller. They are basically compatible with everything.

I have a Steam controller and I don’t think you are missing much. Especially if you are familiar with using a controller.

  • The build quality is relatively poor compared to other controllers
  • The triggers have an absurdly short range of motion
  • The bumper buttons are clicky and fairly terrible
  • Conversely, the primary buttons on the front of the controller are mushy and too small for my tastes. I also have small-ish hands. I can’t imagine how someone with large hands comfortably uses those buttons
  • The d-dpad-ish thing is bizarre
  • If you are accustomed to using a controller like an xbox or playstation controller the layout of a steam controller is completely alien

Really, the only thing the Steam controller has going for it is the trackpad.

Controllers are definitely a personal preference but in my opinion, the xbox one controllers are better than the xbox 360 controllers in almost every way.

  • For me, they are more comfortable to hold, especially during longer play sessions
  • The dpad is much better
  • The triggers feel better to me
  • The sticks are different. I guess I would say they are more sensitive. Once you get used to them it is hard to go back to the 360 sticks.
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I bought this noname gamepad last year and so far it works flawlessly. But I only use it for Supertuxkart and that not too often:

However, the vibration does not work with Linux.

I have a Wireless Xbox controller wich works flawlessly and buyed few months ago a PS5 Controller. The last one is wicked with the gyrosensors and touchpad. Both works out of the box.

PS5 controller?! Hello. Maybe I will get into PC gaming

The PS5 controller is really a great controller. Probably my favorite of all time. I have never tried it with Linux though so I can’t say how well it works.