What are your go-to Gnome extensions?

Several years I use Gnome. A few extensions I ve found over time. Here is my short list. Please share your list of extensions.

Extension List
Dash to Panel
Screenshot Window Sizer
Happy Appy Hotkey
Desktop Icons NG (DING)
Clipboard History
Removable Drive Menu
User Themes
Desktop Cube
Arch Linux Updates Indicator
Burn My Windows
Compiz alike magic lamp effect


I use:
Dash to Dock
Dim Background Windows
Wallpaper Slideshow

My must-haves are

  • Battery time (pomoke)
  • Caffeine
  • Dash to Dock
  • QSTweak

Others would be Alphabetical App Grid, App menu is back, and Just Perfection, but they’re more like nice-to-haves.

I still hope the “Sound Input & Output Device Chooser” will be made compatible soon, I haven’t used it but it seems like a useful extension.

many, but most useful is window calls, with a script i can make windows open where i want them to be. sort of like devilspie (which doesent work on wayland)

Is that similar to "Auto Move Windows"?

i dont know, never used that one. looks like it just moves windows to specific desktops?
window calls, the way i use it, can be used to make an app appear where you want it on the screen, like say rhythmbox always opens in the bottom left corner, or whatever coordinates you define

caffeine and tiling windows used in pop OS


Night Theme Switcher - scheduled day/night theming.
Pano - clipboard manager with a nice GUI and image support
QSTweak - extra functionality and customization for the quick settings menu.
AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support - get tray icons back
Status Area Horizontal Spacing - proper spacing when using the above
GSConnect - KDE Connect integration for Gnome
Extension List - shortcut to extension configuration dialogs
Gesture Improvements - extra functionality for laptop touchpads
Just Perfection - additional Gnome shell customization



I ditched the Arch Linux Updates Indicator. For some reason it stopped working after my last update. I switched to Pamac Updates indicator. It works well.

I use Tiling Assistant, mostly cause I like to easily overlay Tiling windows with transparency over something like firefox

Usually nothing.

Occasionally app icon indicator, blur my shell and dash to dock.

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Trying to keep it minimal…
Alphabetical App Grid
AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support
Hot Edge
Removable Drive Menu

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It’s grown slightly over the last couple months it seems:


When using Gnome:

Blur my shell
Custom Accent Colors

I still want custom themes, but I’m sure that won’t last much longer…

Dash to panel and Arc menu are a must for me