What are your favorite Android apps? (preferably FOSS)

Here is a list of my favorite Android apps, all FOSS with the exception of one.
In no particular order:

1. App stores:

Aurora Store

2. Browsers:

TOR Alpha

3. Media:


4. Mail and 2FA

K-9 Mail

5. Weather app


6. Firewall etc.


7. Messaging and chat:


And so on …

Would you like to share some of yours?




Google camera (turn off internet call back)

G board (turn off internet call back)

+1 for Aurora



Stealth (Reddit w/o log in capabilities)





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BBC News/Sport/Weather/Sounds


That’s one I need to try.
Also +1 for Organic Maps

Thanks for this! It was new to me. I am going to check it out.

+1 on both. I do have Blokada installed. I haven’t used it that much. I use Netguard and hosts file to block stuff.

By the way, has anyone looked at Rethink Firewall+DNS? If positive, what are your thoughts about it?

Listen - Audiobook player
Podcast Republic
Hi-Fi Cast

Edit. Only 3 FOSS :confused:

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My favorit app ever is probably Nova Launcher Prime. It’s the first thing I install when I get a new phone.

FOSS apps I use:

KDE Connect
Simple Gallery Pro
Simple File Manager Pro
Simple Calender Pro
Antenna Pod
Slide for Reddit
Collabora Office


Articons Dark / Light - A pretty nice set of icons based on strokes
Bitwarden - Password manager that is cross platform
Florisboard - Keyboard that is still in development, but already useful
Vinyl - Music Player
Netguard - Per app access control to the internet, some people do not know this but the F-droid version also allows adblocking using a hosts file
QR Scanner - QR scanner, I like this for the clean interface
Insular - Uses android’s work profile to isolate and/or freeze apps. Similar to Shelter and Island (of which Insular is a fork)


Wow, I have over forty apps on my phone, If I were to list them all, the day would go down. Without claiming completeness: Sygic, VLC, Total Commander, GPS Test, Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, Here We Go, Waze, etc, etc.

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FOSS (From F-Droid Unless Otherwise Stated)

  • Aurora Store - anonymous access to the Google Play Store
  • Bitwarden - password manager (need to add Bitwarden repo to F-Droid)
  • DAVx5 - CalDAV & CardDAV integration
  • DeadHash - hash calculator
  • F-Droid - FOSS app store
  • Feeder - RSS feeds
  • FFUpdater - access to Firefox forks
  • FluffyChat - Matrix client supporting multiple accounts
  • Iceraven - web browser (distributed via FFUpdater)
  • Infinity - Reddit client supporting multiple accounts
  • K-9 Mail - IMAP/POP3/WebDAV email client
  • LibreOffice - office suite
  • LibreSpeed - internet connection speed test
  • Motion Eye - home network carmera access
  • Mullvad - VPN client
  • MuPDF viewer - PDF viewer
  • NewPipe - YouTube client
  • OctoDroid - GitHub client
  • Organic Maps - maps & satnav (satnav requires Google TTS)
  • OsmAnd+ - maps & satnav (satnav doesn’t require Google TTS)
  • Pixel Dungeon - rouge-like dungeon crawler game
  • Pluvia - weather forecast
  • Podverse - podcasts
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon - rogue-like dungeon crawler game (fork of Pixel Dungeon)
  • Shelter - setup & access Android work profile
  • Signal - chat app (FOSS, but distributed via Google Play Store or Signal website)
  • Simplenote - notes (FOSS, but distributed via Google Play Store or GitHub)
  • Sky Map - ever looked up at night and wondered what you’re looking at?
  • StreetComplete - channel your inner OCD into improving Open Street Map
  • Suntimes - see when sunrise & sunset are
  • Syncthing - file synchronisation
  • Telegram FOSS - chat app
  • Twidere X - Twitter client
  • UnCiv - FOSS version of Civilization (game)
  • Vinyl - music player
  • VLC - video player, etc
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia client

Non-FOSS (Distributed via Google Play Store)

  • Garmin Connect - activity tracker, smart watch integration, Garmin Pay, etc. (makes the loss of Google Wallet less of an issue when switching to CalyxOS or GrapheneOS)

Vanilla Music - FOSS and very light weight music player for people like me who stock offline tracks

Khan Academy - not FOSS; and more good about the content; app is average, could be better - I occasionally learn something new… :blush:

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@fbodymechanic @xircon @NX-01 @NX-01 @zoli62 @EOS @SL6Trip @flyingcakes @Feakster

Those are some nice list of apps you have shared.
I already use some of them. Some I only know by name and others are completely new to me.
I feel like a kid in a Luna Park! I gotta try them all!

Sorry @Feakster, seems I forgot you :man_facepalming:t5: Now remedied

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Yeah me too! I bookmarked this thread earlier and I’ve been checking stuff out via F-Droid & Google Play throughout the day when I’ve had time. I just bought a new phone on Monday and I always customize everything I lay my hands on anyway. Personally I don’t mind being in the Google/Android ecosystem too much, but it’s good to explore the FOSS stuff as well because there are way too many permissions issues on some of the Play Store apps.

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K-9 email
Cx File Explorer

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The permissions are only one side of the coin. Many contain lots of different trackers.
If you are interested, you could search for some of your apps at https://exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/ to see which trackers they contain and what are their permissions. There is also one app with the same name on F-Droid that you could run on your device which produce a report of all your apps. If you do use the app, I am sure you will be in for a surprise.


Yeah I’ve had a look at the Exodus website. Basically I’ve got most things as locked down as they can be, and my default browser is Firefox with DDG and various extensions. I know from a total privacy viewpoint that is far from watertight but it’s a policy I have run with for years and on the whole I’m pretty happy with a kind of middle-ground compromise. Anything I have which is very personal or a security risk is not in the cloud anyway. For example anything financial (passwords etc) is only in my head. That stuff never gets on any network. Any other stuff, well I’ve got nothing to hide! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Soon nobody will have the opportunity to have something to hide. All blissfully roaming around in our celestial bodies in Metaverse!.

Well, from the reaction so far it seems like Zuck’s empire might be crumbling at the edges a bit!

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Here’s a little video I made showing the apps on my degoogled phone:


Ooh, silent flicks! I’m sure Mr Chaplin would be smiling :wink: Seriously though it looks like a really good setup. What make of phone are you using?

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It’s an old moto g6. I got a newer phone and decided to try and mod my old one since it didn’t matter if I messed up and bricked it

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