What are your daily startup/update commands?

Two months into this bitchin’ distro. After a lot of initial reading (here) I have settled into this daily startup routine:

sudo pacman -Fy
sudo pacman -Syyu (I still don’t know the diff between yy and y)
yay -Syu --aur

that’s it. once a week I add:
pacman -Qdt for the orphans and pacman -Sc

anything unsound here? be glad to know your as well. thanks and Happy Sunday.

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Daily? Nothing. I usually update weekly - ish.


that’s interesting. is that preference? there always seems to be daily updates and I always assume they are important.

Arch is updated all the time. You can update several times a day if you wanted to. I’ve done as much as daily, and as little as monthly without issues. It’s up to you.


You need to do -Syu on usual updates.

-Syyu only needed after you change something in mirrors, this command means it will force re-sync everything.

Correct command would be:

yay -Sua

Because when you issue command for updating only aur you don’t need -y


You can just do yay instead of both these commands. That will first update the repos and then AUR in a single command. It is also easy to remember since it requires no options, just yay

Don’t use this command. If you only want to update AUR, instead do yay -Sua

There should be no need to do this daily. Do you often use pacman -F? If not, there is no reason to update this.




from your link:
" -y, --refresh
Download a fresh copy of the master package database from the server(s) defined in pacman.conf(5). This should typically be used each time you use –sysupgrade or -u. Passing two –refresh or -y flags will force a refresh of all package databases, even if they appear to be up-to-date." [emphasis mine]

ok that is clearer, thank you. ‘seems’ like no harm will be done if I keep my -Syyu then. I think:).

–I will adjust this, appreciate that. is the -aur redundant, or inviting trouble? As far as -Fy that does seem redundant considering Syu I think

ah, I’ve had to update mirrors twice (according to an update error in the output) so this makes sense.

You should only pass it on rare occurances. If nothing else, the people who pay for the mirrors you use are quite literally paying more every time you pass the full -yy flag. It’s just a waste of someone else’s money if you do it everytime.


--aur is the same as -a.

The issue is including -y. Never use -Sy unless you are updating the repo packages.

Although, again, it is pointless to run pacman and yay separately unless you have some extremely specialized use case.

Just run yay with no arguments, that is all you need to update both your repo and AUR packages.

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thanks. I will adjust my daily routine to pacman -Syu and yay by its lonesome. I am glad I asked, I had some un-necessary moves in there.
–and keep my weekly/bi-weekly debris removal (a whole other thread :melting_face:)

I run update between one week or month and that is usually same time when I do reboot. I use suspend so my “uptimes” tend to be longer even when I don’t use my computer at all. Some folk recommend do updates more often but I never had any bigger issues :no_mouth:

I think you are missing the point, that would try to update the repo packages twice.

You can skip pacman -Syu and only do yay. That is all you need.


yay has more update superpowers than pacman?
that sailed over my head when I read man yay but I don’t read every word:)

I like how my routine just gets shorter, though :grinning:


yay is a wrapper. It calls pacman to update the repo packages and also does other things.

Basically, the entire system update for both repo and AUR packages can be handled simply by typing yay.

Try it out.


If you’re interested in a starting point for maintenance, one of our members wrote this up a while back to get people a jumping off point.


What happened to the guy who wrote that?


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Probably went off the rails, and is either in a clinic somewhere with white rooms or drunk in the corner of some dive bar and no one even knows he’s there.

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Probably the safest places for him… and for the rest of us :wink:

bookmarked for beer reading later. hopefully a good jukebox in your dive. watch that barkeep, he tends to bring back less change as the hours go.