What are some must have A.I. tools?

Hey fam,

I am late to the A.I. party and so far have only really played with ChatGPT and one piece of software known as Upscayl. Aside from these two, I am not aware of what I am missing out on in terms of what A.I. can do and how I can use it as a tool to enhance my everyday life and activities. Whether it be personal or for work.

So, please, if you don’t mind sharing some links to some really cool A.I. sites that I can play around with, that would be appreciated. Preferably free and open source services if possible.




I’ve not found any that I like for anything. The ones I have tried have quite a way to go in my opinion.

Hmm, interesting. I see so many people generating pretty cool looking images and I haven’t been able to do the same, lol. I wonder what they’re using.

Not too sure but I was listening to something on youtube in the background the other day about how they sit for hours perfecting the prompts they use to get a result.

A.I. tools? Can’t have a must have when I never tried something I care little about.

Yikes. That sounds painful and something I don’t have time for. I thought it’s supposed to make life easier :joy:

I haven’t felt compelled or interested until very recently, when I started seeing some really cool images that blew my mind to learn they’re A.I. generated art.

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Yer well they’re focusing on all the wrong things for that, I remember the same video pointing out that most of the things its being used for (at least on the public front) are for “entertainment” and not work oriented tasks.

Fair enough. Well, guess that puts a dent in the idea of SKYNET :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who knows what they’re really doing behind the scenes, keep the masses entertained and you can get away with anything

I guess this plugin is not bad:

and this I have set up terminal wise:

aa() {
    # ChatGPT Terminal https://chatbot.theb.ai/
    exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator --hide-menubar --geometry=88x22 -Hx bash -c "echo \"    Welcome to tgpt AI - Bai Chatbot:\"; tgpt -i "
aaa() {
    # ChatGPT Terminal
    exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator --hide-menubar --geometry=88x22 -Hx bash -c "echo \"    Welcome to tgpt AI - Bai Chatbot:\"; tgpt -m "

But ya …


In the quiet of the night, beneath the starry light,
A world at peace, so still and bright.
The moon shines down with gentle might,
Bathing all in silvered white.

Take a moment, breathe it in,
Let your worries from within
Slip away like grains of sand,
As tranquility takes its stand.

Close your eyes, let dreams take flight,
Embrace this peaceful, starlit night.

Poem by HuggingChat

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To be honest, in this crowd, you’re still an early adopter.

I want exactly none.

Literally my thoughts whenever I see the news. Entertainment is a distraction in 2020s.

If this is what they want us to pay attention to, what in the world is the other thing?

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I think you sell your soul as soon as you consent to use it.

“NONE” is the right answer to your rhetorical question.

That’s just like my opinion, man.

it depends on what you want to do. I used to generate images, tested some and in the end only https://getimg.ai/ was able to convince me to some extent.

I also experimented with https://inworld.ai/ and https://convai.com/ for game development.

I tried to generate usable code with https://www.blackbox.ai/, but it doesn’t always work perfectly and I usually had to make improvements.

there are probably better tools. My knowledge is superficial, I’m only at the beginning.

Unfortunately, most services that provide useful results are only free to a certain extent. in my experience.


That image is pretty stunning for computer generated standards.

I’m going to experiment with those links you provided. Thanks!


You can discuss the pros and cons about AI, but the fact is that AI is here and will take over many work processes or will be used in addition to the work processes.

AI is already useful, for example I’m not a 3D designer and if I can create a game character or any items in my hobby project much faster with AI than if I had to spend weeks dealing with Blender, then I see AI as useful tool.

I’m sure they demonized computers back then and today it’s hard to imagine life without them.

There is a saying in Germany, “If you don’t move with the times, you move with the times” (quote from Friedrich Schiller about 200 years ago( „Wer nicht mit der Zeit geht, geht mit der Zeit“).


“If you don’t change with the times, the times are going to change you.”

I like this quote because it’s true.


Phind is a good tool for coding. It searches the web and is made for coding but you can also search other stuff. Be aware, they use your prompts to train the AI. If you’d pay for Premium you could opt-out of it. Prompts to their Phind-AI are unlimited even on the free program, and you do not need to sign up.

Ollama is a cli tool to easily download and run open source language models locally.