What are everyone's thoughts on cloud gaming (Stadia, Amazon Luna, GEForce Now, etc)?

Title pretty much sums it up. I don’t see a ton of posts relating to cloud gaming so I’m interested to see our community’s opinion on this. I for one am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of it, as it makes the most sense for my current situation in life…in other words I can’t necessarily afford building a super-powerful gaming PC or buying consoles every 5-6 years. I’m a Stadia user myself, and really think the platform is great even though I know it’s Google…

Do you guys feel cloud gaming is the “future”, and that it will gain more traction over the coming years? Or do you think it’s merely the hot new thing, and eventually will fizzle out if the user base remains too small to support maintenance costs for the providers?

Clown-based anything i personally despise :clown_face: :rofl:
Hippity-hoppity…It’s only my property when it’s on my drive :upside_down_face:

I sure hope not.

But that being said…
All those services are very good for things not related to gaming directly (which i’m totally not gonna discuss anywhere on forums) :male_detective:



Clown is just another word for “other people’s computers”.

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I hope not. I like gaming even without internet.

I wouldn’t call it that. Silly idea is more accurate, I think.
How is cloud based modding working anyway? Not much I guess :upside_down_face:

Another bad example is censorship in games based on some regions. German version of Wolfenstein for example or even game breaking example of Fallout 2 where they had to remove sprites of kids so that the player wouldn’t kill them. Imagine that you buy the game and later on (after a year for example) some purist will dictate you which version of the game you are allowed to play (and no refunds).
Silly clowns. :clown_face:


Hippity-hoppity…you are now their property. :clown_face: :rofl:

In general, I find this replacement of property with services disturbing. It’s a path at the end of which lies nothing but slavery.

I want to own my stuff and be independent. I don’t want to depend on the whims of some service provider.

I would be very unhappy if I had to rent my home, I prefer much more to be the homeowner (even if I could probably afford to live in a better place if I rented, than the house I own). Same thing with computers. The main reason I use Linux instead of windoze is not that I particularly like Linux1, but because Linux does not interfere with my ownership over my computer, while windoze actively tries to deprive me of it, to Micro$oft’s benefit.

Likewise, I would never pay for subscription software, and I don’t use clown-based storage. If I need more storage, I go to the store and buy an HDD. Fortunately, they are cheap enough nowadays.

1 I quite dislike it, actually. I think monolithic kernel is a stupid concept that goes contrary to the UNIX philosophy. Too much bloat. To be honest, I can’t wait for the Hurd to be ready! :slight_smile:


I am personally against it. My Internet service is atrocious and I have a fairly capable computer that’s just now starting to fall short of newer games’ “minimal” requirements. Since I have a huge backlog of games, that won’t be a problem for a while. In other words, (a) cloud gaming just won’t work for me and (b) I can do “traditional” gaming just fine. Also, with cloud gaming I don’t feel like I own the games. More like I rent them. I like owning.

I hope this doesn’t become “the future of gaming” but if even Microsoft Office moved to the cloud (how are you supposed to work if the network is down?!) it might at least carve out its own niche in the future. We’ll see.

Interesting thoughts, and I’m not really all that surprised that most of my fellow linux user’s aren’t keen to this platform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I should clarify something though…I think my statement of cloud gaming possibly “being the future” was way too strong…what I should have said instead was whether or not everyone thinks this would become a legit alternative to the majority of the market.

I totally agree that it’s silly to pay $$ for things that you really don’t own, and with cloud gaming (at least Stadia in my experience) that certainly holds true. You are indeed pretty much “renting” a game until either the platform goes under or they decide they don’t want to support the game any longer. For that reason I choose to limit myself to play only the free games (which are surprisingly not bad at all), and not pay top dollar for the AAA titles that are offered.

I suppose I’m not all that concerned with personally owning every single aspect of my digital lifestyle. There are certain things, for sure, that I definitely prefer owning myself and will fight for if the need arose - things like content I’ve created and shared though various platforms (forums, music services like Bandcamp, etc.). But I’m less concerned about fully owning things like games, unless I’ve paid a decent amount of $$ to obtain them.

As far as data goes, that’s a moot point for me lol…by this time in my life Google, Micro$oft, and social media platforms know so much about me anyways :sweat_smile:

I see it as tremendously disempowering. It’s taking something that I can do now happily from my home and making it wholly dependent upon my internet connection. I hope it all fails.

I can see the appeal of a Stadia Pro and similar services for some individuals. Very useful for the casual gamer or someone who’s unwilling to plunk down $60-70 for a game without KNOWING it’s enjoyable, basically use Stadio Pro as a try it before you buy it rental platform. Beyond that, I don’t think I’d be interested in it. Even though for games I don’t mind digital content (I simply get bored of most games too quickly to care), if possible I would prefer to own physical copies when possible, escpecially if it’s a game I like.

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I do agree with most that has been said by other users in here already. Imho Cloud “Gaming” is nothing but a causal/boomer Meme for me. Besides not being usable for any sort of competitive gaming (Counter-Strike, League of Legends and so on), it’s also a huge loss in quality, since the entire game is just streamed with wacky Bitrates and crappy 60 fps (if even).

In very rare cases, where someone wants to play some sort of one-time singleplayer it might be okay, but other than that? Nope. Latency, quality, and not even owning the game, combined with the pathetic monthly pricetag is a major no for me.

But yeah, that’s personal opinion of a guy that most likely only plays comp. games (hence DualBoot), so I am kinda biased here.

I’ll stick with my PS2 and 3, thanks much :laughing:

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This is a lot like how I intend use it…except I did plunk down $60 to preorder Cyberpunk, which also got me a free Chromecast Ultra. I’m a hypocrite sometimes, what can I say :rofl:. I prefer to own physical copies of content as well, whether it be music or games.

Completely understand the sentiment about not owning the games; I really debated with myself about that before I took the dive to try it out (and I still do). For me, my internet connection is pretty decent so I have an easier time justifying it. I spend most of my gaming hours with emulation, so Stadia has been more like a personal experiment for myself.