Welcome App Error

Hey all,

I just updated my system (I update about every 1-3 days) and now on boot, I’m greeted with this:

If I start the Welcome App manually, I just get another one of these (more than one at once). If I hit quit, it just reappears.

Edit: if I kill the process manually, I can make this error window finally go away until next boot.

ou may want to install the default EndeavourOS icon set:
sudo pacman -S eos-qogir-icons
manuel and me currently try to solve icon issues with welcome app as icons are very inconsistent over different iconsets used…

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Interesting, I’ve been using EOS on different devices for over a year now, this computer my main was reinstalled a few weeks ago, but I’ve never seen this before and I always leave Welcome App to start up for news.

I’ll give that a shot and see if it stops being angry.

I’m having the same issue. I just did an update and once I rebooted, this window pops up, and it won’t go away no matter how many times I click ‘quit’.

Any solution? Or do we have to wait for another update?

it was not using hardlinks for icons before … may we missed some dependency change…

I’m certain you haven’t installed the update today for the welcome app. Once you do, you will likely have the same issue.

installing the missing icon set / package will solve the issue i am sure… and there will nbe a solving update soon too…
sudo pacman -S eos-qogir-icons


The mirror for endeavouros is now failing too D:.

Ill try that out. Thanks!

Had the same issue after update, this fix seems to be worked.

welcome @monkeber :enos: and thanks for validating… i just booted my kde install and installing the icon set solves the issue here too.

Following up, Icons did fix it.

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will be fixed… it is simply impossible to have icons working without hard linking them to specific icon set …
As i said we only somehow missed to add the icon set as dependency.
Most Desktops (gtk) have this installed by default but kde p.e. is using breeze icons instead.


no problems here, works fine and the icon set looks nice. now the icons are finally no longer random and fit the theme. good work :+1: :enos_flag:


yea in all gtk based installs we have the icon set installed by default… only some community editions and kde does not have them.

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That didn’t seem to be installed by default in Gnome.

Thanks for the report!
I’ll add the missing dependency soon.


Now welcome has the required dependency in version 3.68-1.4.


I have the same here on Kde after updating Welcome. Can’t close it, can’t quit! I’ll log out and in again and see.

Edit: Had to click on it numerous times and i thought it finally closed but didn’t. Just closed to the task bar!

Edit: Reboot and same thing. Won’t close out the error window.

Edit: I’m running on Wayland also!

could be it was not there before…