We need your help bringing Endeavour to the next stage

With the latest release, we’ve introduced i3-WM to our installer and I know there are a lot of WM or minimal desktop fans over here, so we are asking for your help.

To complete our choices in the Calamares installer we would like to offer more WMs.
So, are you an avid user of WMs or you want to challenge yourself by helping us, please let us know.

These are the DE and WM we are thinking about:

  • Openbox
  • Herbstluftwm
  • Enlightenment
  • Sway
  • DWM

And ideas to improve

  • i3-WM

We’ve planned our next major release on July 15th, our first birthday, so it would be nice if we could present either one of the above in that release.

The set-up mustn’t be too bloated and must not contain too much AUR packages. The purpose is to give the user a nice and small starting ground to explore the DE or WM further.


sway? :slight_smile:
(it’s working flawlessly on my laptop)

I suppose there are no distro yet with sway between the installer choices

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I just added it on the list in the original post.

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as in de the developers, to look about accesibilty for blind people. Calamares sure not ready i believe. For the test in developers would be nice.

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How about a bit of dwm?

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Another one on the list.

Could you eloborate a bit more, I think I do understand what you mean but could you explain it from your side, just to be clear for us?

someone told about calamares didnt worked, asked have accesibilty on install point. Also i dont think calamares stil not there on the point for that. As on developer just to look if its possible then promise to put in :slight_smile: can always look later. installing accesibilty from online scrip is there but if you cant installed is oter thing, but calamares is not on point i believe, even got a question from a linux user.

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Then I got you the first time, I just wanted to make sure your post wasn’t related to any WM.

i do some testing on screenreader and other stuff but this is not that easy to setup… i think it could be a project for long term to start with an extra ISO and getting this working… and there are already others out there specialized on that:
plus the big ones like ubuntu fedora suse doing integrate this already


there is always things.

As accessibilty on iso is possible, but calamares is different story, so just in developers atleast to look how far is possible. feedback on that is always good gives atleast some answers.

dwm is unfortainly from aur is currently also unpractical :slight_smile:

if there is some Awesome lovers they can always bring in there setup for ideas is also not a easy thing but for starters can be ok :slight_smile:

I would like Openbox. I have switched from xfce to Openbox on my main computer, with i3 as a secondary option. I would be interested in your version. I also use polybar instead of tint2 (openbox) and i3Bar in i3. Polybar takes some configuring but the documentation is very good and there are a lot of modules to use.

If you like to help us setting up Openbox with your experience and perhaps improve i3-wm, just say the word and we can welcome you in the team.

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I’m another fan of Enlightenment for old hardware. Something you might want to consider however is Bodhi forked enlightenment(E17) to make the Moksha Desktop (which is much more stable) because the enlightenment developers kept making changes that broke things then telling users x problem is fixed in y commit on the git version which does absolutely nothing for people who don’t want to run the git version. Moksha would give you many advantages and if you decide you are going for enlightenment please consider moksha as a more stable alternative.


We’d need new subsections under the Desktop Environments forum area…
At least Enlightenment seems to become active.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Enlightenment - it’s always intrigued me. However they always seem to be in Beta release, so maybe that might not be a good idea.

As for improving i3-WM: probably just leave the key bindings the way other i3-WM OSes use (just like DistroTube reviewed).

If you need someone to assemble a nice Openbox, I can help with that. Just let me know.

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I, for one, was perfectly content with the Endeavour Wiki command line instructions to add my preferred DE (Plasma) to the XFCE base installation.


Thanks! I think we need the help. Any settings/recommended package selections/extensions etc. (preferably without AUR stuff if possible) are very welcome. And some sense of minimalism is also good, is order not to make it too complicated to maintain.

The area for Openbox discussion is here: https://forum.endeavouros.com/c/desktop-environments/openbox/

All done, the window/tiling managers are added in the Desktop Environment category.