I recently bit the bullet. Good bye Windows. Its been a few weeks, really enjoying it. I have dabbled in Linux before, mainly with Mint/Debian.
I am trying to decide on a DE, MATE is probably my favorite, however I keep hearing about Wayland. I don’t really understand what it does, apart from being new (which makes me want to use it). KDE can support Wayland and I find KDE ok as well. Is it worth it or will wayland make little difference to me?
I mainly game, some photo editing, document writing sometimes, usual internet browsing etc.



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Good for you! Welcome to the free world!

Wayland sucks. My advice is to stick to Xorg, for the time being (most likely indefinitely).

Plasma is great, definitely my 1st choice of a DE. But if you like MATE better, stick to MATE. Don’t worry about Wayland, especially as a newbie. As you get more experienced, you’ll see whether Wayland is something you’d appreciate, but for now, do yourself a favour and stick to Xorg.


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Unless there is something you specifically need/want in Wayland, I would hold off until the application ecosystem supports it more fully.

Some things to consider:

  • KDE/plasma for Wayland is still considered experimental(Although many people use it)
  • Some applications either don’t work or have reduced functionality under Wayland
  • There are a limited number of DEs/WMs that support Wayland

Personally, I wouldn’t switch DEs to use Wayland unless I had some situation in which X didn’t provide a good experience for me.

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Thanks for the welcomes! Nice to be rid of windows.
That makes sense, I see MATE is working on wayland so i will hang on for now. I am on Nvidia also…


The only 2 DEs with good Wayland Support are

  1. Gnome (best)
  2. I3 with Sway (pretty good)

I wouldn’t recommend picking a DE based just on Wayland. In some cases its worth it, but it would entirely depend on the user and use case. Find the DE that fits you, THEN if it has Wayland support see if it works for you. :smile:

I use Plasma Xorg on my 17 inch ASUS ROG gaming laptop. I use Plasma Wayland on my Surface Pro 8. Wayland is great for touch screen devices, especially with the new touch gestures added to KDE Plasma for Wayland. That being said, if you don’t have a touch screen or a display that will benefit from Wayland, it’s best to stick to Xorg. Just about every application you want to use, with the exception of Waydroid, will work better in Xorg than Wayland.

You can stick with Xorg unless you hit a limitation of Xorg like multmonitors with different refresh rates or experience an bug
I use Wayland just because my games were crashing on Xorg but don’t on Wayland.

It is possilbe to switch between X11 and Wayland.